How Much Was Arleen Sorkin Net Worth? The Legacy of an Iconic Voice Actress

How Much Was Arleen Sorkin Net Worth? The Legacy of an Iconic Voice Actress

Arleen Sorkin, recognized for her remarkable role in ‘Days of Our Lives’ and the unmistakable voice behind DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, unfortunately left us on August 26, 2023. With her departure, she left behind a legacy and an estimated net worth of $13 million.

Arleen Sorkin’s Career and Achievements

Kicking off her career as a cabaret artist in the late ’70s, Arleen soon made waves on television. By 1984, she was portraying Calliope Jones on Days of Our Lives, which became one of her iconic roles.
However, in 1992, she gave life to Harley Quinn’s voice in Batman: The Animated Series. In many ways, this role immortalized her in pop culture, as she perfectly balanced the character’s madness with charm.

Summary of Arleen Sorkin net worth

Birth DateOctober 14, 1955
Notable RoleCalliope Jones in ‘Days of Our Lives, 1984-1990
Iconic Voice RoleHarley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series, 1992
Marriage Year1999 with Christopher Lloyd
Demise Date2023, at the age of 67
Estimated Net Worth$13 million (According to Idol Net Worth)

Arleen Sorkin’s Personal Life and Family

Behind the curtains, Arleen shared her life with Christopher Lloyd, a well-known TV writer-producer. Their journey, which began in 1999, was adorned with the birth of their two sons.
Their life, filled with shared dreams and aspirations, was tragically cut short with Arleen’s demise in 2023.

Arleen Sorkin’s Net Worth

Digging into the specifics of Arleen Sorkin’s net worth, reports from Idol Net Worth highlighted her net value at an impressive $13 million.
This wealth was a testament to her versatility, hard work, and the mark she made in both acting and voice roles.

Remembering Arleen Sorkin

The news of Arleen’s demise, shared by DC’s co-head James Gunn on Instagram, sent ripples across the entertainment world.
For many, Arleen wasn’t just a voice behind a character but a talented artist who added depth and life to the roles she embraced.

The Legacy of Harley Quinn

Arleen’s voice behind Harley Quinn wasn’t just about adding sound to an animated character. She added layers, emotions, and intricacies to Harley.
Today, her portrayal stands as a benchmark, influencing numerous adaptations and holding a special place in the hearts of fans.


The world may have lost Arleen Sorkin, but her voice and the characters she played will echo for generations. With a net worth reflecting her hard work and dedication, Arleen’s name will always be synonymous with Harley Quinn.


Q: What was Arleen Sorkin’s most iconic voice role?
A: Arleen Sorkin is most remembered for voicing Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series.

Q: When did Arleen Sorkin pass away?
A: Arleen passed away on August 26, 2023.

Q: Who was Arleen Sorkin married to?
A: She was married to television writer-producer Christopher Lloyd.

Q: How much was Arleen Sorkin’s net worth at her demise?
A: According to Idol Net Worth, her estimated net worth was $13 million.