Is Jerry Bus Net Worth the Outcome of Real Estate or the Lakers?

Is Jerry Bus Net Worth the Outcome of Real Estate or the Lakers?

Jerry Buss, the iconic American entrepreneur and sports team owner, had an astounding net worth of $600 million when he passed away in 2013. Best known for owning the Los Angeles Lakers, Buss began his journey to wealth in the real estate sector. As we dive deeper into the story of Jerry Buss, the interplay between real estate and sports in shaping his net worth becomes evident.

Jerry Buss’s Real Estate Ventures

Jerry Buss set his foot into the real estate realm in the 1960s. With a keen sense for business, he started with modest apartment complexes and gradually amassed a formidable real estate portfolio. By the time he took the bold step of buying the Lakers, his estimated net worth was already touching $50 million.

Summary of jerry buss net worth

Key PointInformation
Initial DomainReal Estate
TransitionOwner of Los Angeles Lakers in 1979
Net Worth at Time of DeathEstimated $600 million
Lakers NBA Championships under Buss10
Jeanie Buss’ Current RolePresident and controlling owner of the Lakers
Jeanie Buss’ Estimated Net WorthAround $500 million

Ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers

In 1979, Jerry Buss ventured into the world of sports by purchasing the Los Angeles Lakers. This purchase, seen as audacious at the time, came with its own set of challenges, but Buss’ vision and belief transformed the team. From being a financially struggling entity, the Lakers, under Buss, clinched 10 NBA titles.

Jerry Buss’s Estimated Net Worth

Several sources peg Jerry Buss’s net worth at $600 million at the time of his demise. This estimation mainly revolves around his real estate ventures and the valuation of the Lakers. However, it’s noteworthy that this figure might not encapsulate the totality of his assets.

Jerry Buss’s Legacy

Jerry Buss wasn’t just a businessman; he was a visionary. His legacy in the sports domain, particularly with the Lakers, is undeniable. Beyond basketball, he wore multiple hats – a chemist, an investor, and a large-hearted philanthropist.

Jeanie Buss’s Net Worth

Following in her father’s footsteps, Jeanie Buss now stands as the President and controlling owner of the Lakers. With a net worth hovering around $500 million, Jeanie continues to carve her niche, cementing her place not just in the world of basketball, but also in the larger sporting arena.

Jerry Buss’s Influence on Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson’s illustrious basketball journey with the Lakers was significantly influenced by Jerry Buss. Beyond the court, Buss’s mentorship played a pivotal role in shaping Johnson’s business endeavors, turning him into a successful entrepreneur.

Additional Information

While many sources cite jerry buss net worth at around $600 million, some even go as high as $1 billion. Buss’s acquisition of the Lakers for $67.5 million in 1979 was backed by a blend of cash and loans. His net worth, significantly tied to real estate, even compelled him to borrow funds from acquaintances and offload some real estate assets.


1. How did Jerry Buss accumulate his initial wealth?
Jerry Buss began his financial journey in real estate, starting with small apartment buildings in the 1960s.

2. How many NBA championships did the Lakers win under Jerry Buss?
Under Jerry Buss’s ownership, the Lakers clinched 10 NBA titles.

3. What is the estimated net worth of Jerry Buss’s daughter, Jeanie Buss?
Jeanie Buss, the current owner of the Lakers, has an estimated net worth of around $500 million.

4. How instrumental was Jerry Buss in shaping Magic Johnson’s career?
Jerry Buss played a significant mentorship role, guiding Magic Johnson in both his basketball career and subsequent business ventures.