How Much is Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth in 2023?

How Much is Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth in 2023?

Kirk Herbstreit, an iconic figure in the realm of sports broadcasting, has amassed a net worth of $14 million by 2023. His prolific career as a college football analyst for ESPN, especially as a prominent figure on the “College GameDay” since 1996, has placed him in the limelight. Additionally, his role as a commentator for ESPN and ABC has made him a household name. Moreover, diving into his personal life reveals a beautiful family picture, with his wife Alison and their four sons.

Summary of Kirk Herbstreit Net Worth

YearNet WorthAnnual Salary
2014$8 million$5 million
2020$12 million$7 million
2023$14 million$10 million

Kirk Herbstreit’s Net Worth

As 2023 unfolds, Kirk Herbstreit’s net worth is estimated to stand tall at $14 million. Over the years, Herbstreit’s net value has seen a consistent rise. If we hop into the time machine, we’d find that in 2014, he was worth around $8 million. This figure took a leap to $12 million by 2020, showcasing his enduring success.

The bulk of Kirk’s earnings comes from his annual salary, an impressive $10 million. This encompasses his remuneration from ESPN and his fresh agreement with Amazon Prime, where he’ll be the voice for “Thursday Night Football”.

In the larger panorama of sports analysts’ earnings, Kirk’s remuneration stands tall. For instance, Tony Romo from ESPN bags a staggering $180 million over a decade, while Tom Brady’s deal with Fox grants him a whopping $375 million over ten years.

Personal Life of Kirk Herbstreit

Delving into Herbstreit’s personal life, we find tales of romance at Ohio State University where he met Alison, his now-wife. They walked down the aisle in 1998 and are blessed with four sons. The family currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where they actively engage with their community and endorse numerous charitable causes.

Kirk Herbstreit’s Career in Sports Broadcasting

Before the camera lights and the commentary booth, Herbstreit was a star quarterback for Ohio State University. While an NFL career eluded him, he soon found his calling as an ESPN sports analyst.

His vast experience of over 25 years in college football analysis highlights his intricate understanding of the game and his ability to decode complex plays, making him a favorite among viewers.

Moreover, his significant contribution to “College GameDay” and ABC’s “Saturday Night Football” can’t be overlooked. His insights and presence have significantly boosted the success of these shows.


In essence, Kirk Herbstreit’s journey in the world of sports broadcasting and his commendable net worth of $14 million in 2023 highlight his commitment and excellence. With an annual paycheck of $10 million, a loving family in Nashville, and a legacy in sports broadcasting, Herbstreit’s story is truly inspiring.


How much is Kirk Herbstreit worth in 2023?
Kirk Herbstreit has an estimated net worth of $14 million in 2023.

What is Kirk Herbstreit’s annual salary?
His annual salary, including his deals with ESPN and Amazon Prime, is around $10 million.

Where did Kirk Herbstreit meet his wife, Alison?
Kirk met Alison during their time at Ohio State University.

How long has Herbstreit been a part of “College GameDay”?
Kirk Herbstreit has been a fixture on “College GameDay” since 1996.