What is Mary Austin Current Net Worth ? Early Life and Meeting Freddie

What is Mary Austin Current Net Worth ? Early Life and Meeting Freddie

In 2023, the buzz surrounding Mary Austin’s net worth has been quite significant. This English woman, famously known as the former girlfriend of Queen’s lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, boasts a substantial net worth of $115 million. Born in Fulham, London, England in 1951, her association with Mercury and her own business ventures contributed massively to this figure.

Mary and Freddie’s relationship commenced in 1970, and despite parting ways romantically after six years, their bond was unbreakable. Freddie’s untimely demise in 1991 saw him leaving half of his estate, worth nearly £75 million (around $100 million), to Mary. This included his London residence and numerous personal assets. Furthermore, Mary’s own business endeavors, such as her clothing line and her memoir detailing her life with Mercury, also added to her net worth.

Summary of mary austin net worth

1970Mary Austin meets Freddie Mercury
1976Mary and Freddie end their romantic relationship
1991Freddie Mercury passes away
1991Mary inherits half of Freddie’s estate
2023Mary Austin’s estimated net worth is $115 million

Early Life and Meeting Freddie

Mary Austin, hailing from Fulham, London, met Freddie Mercury in 1970. Their romantic involvement spanned six years, with Mary playing an influential role in Freddie’s life. Their bond was so profound that even after their separation, they remained incredibly close.

Net Worth Accumulation

Mary Austin’s net worth saw a significant spike after Freddie Mercury bequeathed half of his £75 million estate to her in 1991. In addition to this inheritance, Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit saw her launching a clothing line and penning a book about her times with Mercury.

Current Activities

Today, at 72, Mary Austin continues to reside in the London home she once shared with Freddie. Preferring a life away from media glare, Mary is seldom seen in public. However, her philanthropic endeavors, particularly her donations to the Mercury Phoenix Trust (established in memory of Freddie to combat AIDS), are well-documented.

Freddie Mercury’s Inheritance

Freddie’s profound love and trust for Mary were evident in his will. Leaving half of his estate, including his London home and various investments, ensured that Mary was well-taken care of.

Mary’s Business Ventures

Beyond the inheritance, Mary Austin proved her business acumen by launching her own clothing brand. Moreover, her book recounting her relationship with Freddie Mercury gave fans a closer look into their private lives.

Mary’s Philanthropic Activities

Despite her private nature, Mary’s charitable inclinations are well-known. Significant contributions to the Mercury Phoenix Trust stand testimony to her commitment to noble causes.

The Controversy with Brian May

While Mary generally avoids controversies, Brian May’s reaction to her selling Freddie Mercury’s memorabilia on Instagram garnered significant media attention.


How did Mary Austin amass her net worth?
Mary Austin’s net worth predominantly comes from the inheritance she received from Freddie Mercury’s estate, coupled with her own business endeavors.

Where does Mary Austin live currently?
Mary resides in the London home she once shared with Freddie Mercury.

Was Mary Austin involved in any controversies?
Yes, Brian May expressed disappointment on Instagram regarding Mary’s decision to auction off Freddie Mercury’s memorabilia.

Is Mary Austin active in charitable work?
Absolutely. Mary Austin has made significant donations to charities, most notably the Mercury Phoenix Trust.