How Much is Meri Brown Net Worth in 2023?

How Much is Meri Brown Net Worth in 2023?

As we delve into 2023, there’s rising interest in the wealth of reality TV personalities, particularly from the hit show, “Sister Wives”. One notable personality is Meri Brown, who not only graces our screens with her presence but has also ventured into the world of business with her clothing line. So, how much is Meri Brown’s net worth? Reports indicate it’s a commendable $400,000, especially given the modest incomes of the entire “Sister Wives” ensemble.

After several seasons on air, it’s intriguing to see how the financial trajectories of these stars have developed, especially with their public lives and business ventures intertwined.

Summary of meri brown net worth

Estimated Net Worth$400,000
Source of InformationCelebrity Net Worth
TV ShowSister Wives
Birthplace and YearAlameda, California, 1971
Ranking Among Sister WivesThird Wealthiest
Business VentureClothing Business

Introduction to Meri Brown

Meri Brown has become a household name, largely due to her prominent role in the reality show “Sister Wives”. Additionally, her foray into the business world with her clothing line has caught significant attention.

With an estimated net worth hovering around $400,000, Meri’s financial standing is particularly noteworthy, especially when considering the overall modest earnings of the “Sister Wives” cast.

Meri Brown’s Net Worth

This figure, quoted by Celebrity Net Worth, is a testament to Meri’s hard work and strategic decisions. It’s all the more impressive when juxtaposed against the humble salaries of her fellow Sister Wives.

InTouch, too, has reported on this commendable net worth, shedding light on her financial prowess.

Meri Brown’s Background

Delving a bit into her background, Meri Brown, the American reality TV personality, was born in the sunny city of Alameda, California, in January 1971. She’s been a staple on the TLC show, which has given fans an intimate look into her life.

Meri’s Ranking Among the Sister Wives

When it comes to net worth rankings, Meri sits comfortably as the third wealthiest among the Sister Wives. Robyn Brown leads the pack with a net worth of $600,000, closely followed by Christine Brown at $400,000. This ranking provides an interesting insight into the financial dynamics within the family.

Meri Brown’s Business Ventures

Apart from her television appearance, Meri has been proactive in the business realm. Her clothing business stands as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit.

Recent reports indicate that post her split from Kody, Meri has been channeling her energy into her various business ventures, further solidifying her financial standing.


In sum, Meri Brown’s net worth of approximately $400,000 is a reflection of her commitment both to her television career and her business ventures. As a reality TV star and businesswoman, Meri continues to intrigue fans with her journey. As 2023 progresses, it’s anticipated that she might even surpass her current financial milestone.


1. What is Meri Brown’s estimated net worth?
Meri Brown’s estimated net worth is around $400,000.

2. Where was Meri Brown born?
She was born in Alameda, California in January 1971.

3. How does Meri’s net worth compare to other Sister Wives?
Meri is the third wealthiest among the Sister Wives, with Robyn Brown having the highest net worth.

4. Does Meri Brown have any businesses?
Yes, Meri Brown has ventured into the clothing business and focuses on her businesses, especially after her split from Kody.