Is Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth Truly Reflective of the iCarly Star Success?

Is Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth Truly Reflective of the iCarly Star Success?

Miranda Cosgrove, renowned for her roles in iconic productions like “School of Rock” and “iCarly”, has made a significant mark in the entertainment world. As of 2023, the buzz around “miranda cosgrove net worth” suggests it’s approximately $10 million. This figure mirrors her vast accomplishments in both acting and music.

Her journey to this impressive net worth is an inspiring tale of talent, dedication, and resilience, demonstrating how a child artist can transition seamlessly into successful adult roles while also navigating the complexities of fame.

Summary of miranda cosgrove net worth

May 14, 1993Date of birthMiranda Cosgrove is born in Los Angeles, California.
2003School of Rock is releasedMiranda Cosgrove stars in the film alongside Jack Black.
2004-2007Drake & Josh airs on NickelodeonMiranda stars as Megan Parker.
2007-2012iCarly airs on NickelodeonMiranda plays the lead role of Carly Shay.
2010Debut album, Sparks Fly, is releasedMarking the beginning of her music career.
2011Bus accidentMiranda faces physical and financial setbacks.
2021iCarly reboot premieres on Paramount+Miranda returns as Carly Shay in the rebooted series.

Miranda Cosgrove’s Background

Born on May 14, 1993, Miranda Cosgrove began charming audiences from a tender age. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, this talented female artist took her first steps in the entertainment industry with commercials and TV appearances. It wasn’t long before she landed a pivotal role in 2003’s “School of Rock”, sharing the screen with Jack Black.

Miranda’s ascent in Hollywood was swift and impressive, making her one of the highest-grossing child actresses of her time.

Sources of Income

Miranda’s primary income sources include acting and voice acting. Her outstanding performances in “School of Rock”, “Drake & Josh”, “iCarly”, and the animated series “Despicable Me”, showcase her versatility as an artist. Voice acting, particularly for major franchises like “Despicable Me” and “The Croods”, further added to her financial success.

Net Worth Estimation

By 2023, estimations place “miranda cosgrove net worth” at around $10 million. Such a sum accumulates from her earnings in TV projects like iCarly, where she reputedly pocketed a whopping $180,000 per episode, and her contributions to the music industry.

Celebrity Net Worth Sources

Reliable platforms, like Celebrity Net Worth, validate the approximated net worth of Miranda Cosgrove. Such websites often base their evaluations on factors such as acting projects, music endeavors, and brand endorsements.

Notable Relationships

Delving a bit into her personal life, Miranda once dated Nickelodeon co-star Nat Wolff, from 2008 to 2011. For those curious, Nat boasts an estimated net worth of around $2 million.

Impact on Net Worth

Miranda’s journey, though mostly on an upward trajectory, wasn’t devoid of hurdles. In 2011, she encountered a bus accident that led to injuries and a temporary setback in her career. This unfortunate incident reportedly cost her around $2.5 million in income and a valuable brand contract. Nevertheless, her determination ensured a commendable comeback.


Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth of approximately $10 million is a testament to her immense talent and unwavering commitment. From iconic roles in “iCarly” and “School of Rock” to voice acting for animated hits, she has cemented her place as a genuine star. For many admirers, she remains a beacon of inspiration, continuing to shine in the entertainment universe.

1. What is Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth in 2023?
Miranda Cosgrove’s estimated net worth in 2023 is around $10 million.

2. How did Miranda Cosgrove begin her acting career?
She started with commercials and TV appearances before landing her first major role in the 2003 film “School of Rock”.

3. Was Miranda Cosgrove involved in any accidents?
Yes, in 2011, Miranda was in a bus accident, which led to financial and career setbacks.

4. How much did she earn per episode for iCarly?
Miranda reportedly earned $180,000 per episode of iCarly.