How Has Oscar De La Hoya Amassed His Impressive Net Worth in 2023?

How Has Oscar De La Hoya Amassed His Impressive Net Worth in 2023?

Oscar De La Hoya, a retired American professional boxer and promoter, boasts a net worth of $200 million as of 2023. Renowned for clinching ten world championships, he not only reaped significant earnings as a fighter but also flourished in his role as a promoter. But how did “The Golden Boy” of boxing climb the ladder of financial success? Let’s dive into the story of the “oscar de la hoya net worth” phenomenon.

Oscar De La Hoya is a name that resonates deeply within the boxing realm. Recognized for his indomitable spirit and skill, he didn’t just limit himself to the ring. Today, we explore the financial success of this boxing titan, especially focusing on his current estimated net worth in 2023.

Summary of oscar de la hoya net worth

1992Oscar De La Hoya turns professionalAscends the professional boxing hierarchy swiftly.
1994First world titleTriumphs over Rafael Ruelas, securing the WBO lightweight title.
2002Founds Golden Boy PromotionsMarks the inception of a premier boxing promotion company.
2009RetirementEnds an illustrious 16-year boxing career.
2018Canelo Alvarez’s contractSeals a 5-year, $365 million deal with one of boxing’s best.
2023Net worth estimationPeaks at $200 million, solidifying his legacy.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Boxing Career

Entering the professional boxing scene in 1992, De La Hoya’s prowess was undeniable. By 1994, he was already a world titleholder. With ten world championships across six different weight categories, his era saw pay-per-view revenues surpassing a staggering $700 million.

Canelo Alvarez’s Impact on Oscar De La Hoya’s Net Worth

2018 marked a significant year for De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions as they inked a monumental 5-year deal worth $365 million with Canelo Alvarez. Canelo, whose net worth skyrocketed in 2023, has been pivotal in generating billions in revenue, of which De La Hoya secured a hefty portion through his promotional endeavors.

Teofimo Lopez’s Perspective on Oscar De La Hoya

With a net worth pegged at $5 million, Teofimo Lopez has been vocal about his views on De La Hoya. Lopez’s main contention is that fighters under De La Hoya’s banner aren’t paid what they truly deserve. A commitment to never aligning with Golden Boy Promotions underscores his strong sentiments.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Current Net Worth

Come September 2023, multiple trustworthy sources including Celebrity Net Worth and Forbes, have validated Oscar De La Hoya’s net worth at an astounding $200 million. It’s worth noting Forbes’ claim that during his prime, De La Hoya’s earnings exceeded a mind-boggling $500 million.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Post-Boxing Ventures

Boxing might have been his first love, but De La Hoya seamlessly transitioned into the business arena post-retirement in 2009. Founding Golden Boy Promotions in 2002, this entity rapidly gained acclaim as one of the paramount boxing promotion companies globally, managing eminent personalities like Canelo Alvarez and Ryan Garcia.


Oscar De La Hoya’s journey from the boxing ring to the boardroom has been nothing short of inspirational. With a net worth of $200 million, he stands as a testament to dedication, prowess, and business acumen. At 49, De La Hoya’s legacy is a guiding light for many, beckoning them to explore more about his path to affluence.


How much is Oscar De La Hoya worth in 2023?
Oscar De La Hoya has an estimated net worth of $200 million in 2023.

Who did De La Hoya’s promotion company sign in 2018?
In 2018, Golden Boy Promotions signed a lucrative deal with Canelo Alvarez.

What’s the stance of Teofimo Lopez on De La Hoya?
Teofimo Lopez, with a net worth of $5 million, has criticized De La Hoya for underpaying fighters and has vowed never to sign with Golden Boy Promotions.

When did De La Hoya retire from boxing?
Oscar De La Hoya retired from professional boxing in 2009.