How Does Robert Woody Johnson Wealth Compare Today?

How Does Robert Woody Johnson Wealth Compare Today?

Robert Woody Johnson, commonly referred to as “Woody”, is an influential American businessman and philanthropist. As of September 13, 2023, Bloomberg Billionaires Index cites his net worth at a staggering $6.43 billion. Most of this fortune has its roots in inherited Johnson & Johnson shares and his significant acquisition, the New York Jets football team, which he secured in 2000 for an impressive $635 million.

Woody Johnson has established a remarkable name for himself not just in business but also in philanthropy. His current net worth of $6.43 billion has come from diverse investments, most prominently from the Johnson & Johnson shares and the ownership of the New York Jets.

Summary of Robert Woody Johnson Net Worth

2000Purchase of New York JetsRobert Woody Johnson acquires the New York Jets for $635 million.
2016Forbes’ EstimationJohnson’s net worth was estimated to be $6.3 billion.
2023Bloomberg Billionaires Index EstimationAs of September 13, his net worth is estimated at $6.43 billion.
2023Johnson Family Foundation IntroductionJohnson launches the Johnson Family Foundation.
2023Forbes Billionaires ListJohnson is ranked 381st among the world’s billionaires.

Johnson’s Fortune and Family Background

Hailing from the affluent Johnson family, one of the U.S.’s wealthiest clans, Woody’s great-grandfather, Robert Wood Johnson I, was the co-founder of the healthcare giant, Johnson & Johnson. The company shares, inherited from his father, Robert Wood Johnson II, play a significant role in Woody’s current fortune.

Ownership of New York Jets

Back in 2000, Woody made headlines by purchasing the New York Jets for $635 million. Fast forward to August 2022, and the team’s valuation skyrocketed to an estimated $4.8 billion, marking a substantial asset in Woody’s portfolio.

Current Net Worth

His extensive net worth isn’t just from the Jets and Johnson & Johnson shares. According to data, assets outside of his football team’s ownership stand at around $1.7 billion.

Philanthropic Activities

Not just a businessman, Woody is also recognized for his philanthropic spirit. Over the years, he has generously contributed to causes such as education, healthcare, and the arts. In 2017, he introduced the Johnson Family Foundation to bolster his support for education and healthcare projects.

Woody Johnson’s Role in the NFL

Within the NFL community, Johnson isn’t a silent spectator. He actively participates as a member of the NFL’s finance committee, the committee on international games, and even the Super Bowl host committee.

Johnson Family History

The Johnson family’s legacy traces back to 1886 when Woody’s great-grandfather, Robert Wood Johnson I, co-founded Johnson & Johnson. Today, it stands as a leading global healthcare company, testament to the family’s business acumen.

Comparison with Other NFL Owners

Woody’s affluence places him among the elite NFL owners. Forbes’ rankings highlight him as the 381st richest person globally. Other wealthy NFL owners include Jerry Jones ($10.6 billion), Stan Kroenke ($10.4 billion), Robert Kraft ($8.8 billion), and Shahid Khan ($8.5 billion).


Robert Woody Johnson’s name is synonymous with wealth, power, and a penchant for sports. His net worth, stemming largely from Johnson & Johnson and the New York Jets, showcases his strategic investments and business prowess. Beyond business, his contributions to philanthropy and active role in the NFL community make him a notable figure.


  1. Who is Robert Woody Johnson?
    He is an American businessman and philanthropist, known for owning the New York Jets and being an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.
  2. What is Robert Woody Johnson’s net worth as of 2023?
    As of September 13, 2023, his estimated net worth is $6.43 billion.
  3. When did he purchase the New York Jets?
    Woody Johnson bought the New York Jets in 2000 for $635 million.
  4. Is he involved in any philanthropic activities?
    Yes, he is a significant philanthropist, having donated to various causes and even launching the Johnson Family Foundation in 2017.