Is Ryan Day Net Worth Reflective of His Stellar Coaching Career in 2023?

Is Ryan Day Net Worth Reflective of His Stellar Coaching Career in 2023?

As we swing into 2023, conversations surrounding prominent sports figures and their earnings are inevitable. Currently, one topic that’s buzzing is “ryan day net worth.” Ryan Day, the renowned American football coach and former player, boasts an impressive net worth of $3 million. This financial standing is even more awe-inspiring when we recognize that he commands an annual salary of a staggering $14,892,037 as the head coach of Ohio State University.

Ryan Day’s Background

Born on March 12, 1979, in Manchester, New Hampshire, Day’s early years were indicative of his promising football journey. He once took to the field as a quarterback for the University of New Hampshire. Soon after, he transitioned into a coaching role, starting as a graduate assistant at Boston College. His coaching prowess quickly became evident as he went on to work with Temple University, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the San Francisco 49ers.

Summary of ryan day net worth

Net Worth 2023$3 million
Annual Salary$14,892,037
BirthplaceManchester, New Hampshire
Coaching PositionHead Coach, Ohio State University
Career Record34-4
Contract Extension Value$66.5 million (over seven years)

Ryan Day’s Current Net Worth

This year, estimates suggest that Ryan Day’s net worth stands at around $3 million. His earnings as both a player and coach in the football world have significantly contributed to this impressive figure.

Ryan Day’s Salary

Earning a jaw-dropping annual salary of $14,892,037, Day holds the esteemed position of head coach at Ohio State University. His role at one of the nation’s most successful college football programs speaks volumes about his capabilities.

Breakdown of Ryan Day’s Net Worth

Day’s net worth isn’t solely derived from his salary. Various components such as a retention bonus, apparel contracts, and media fees add to his wealth. Over a span of seven years, the culmination of these sources approximates his total worth at $66.5 million.

Ryan Day’s Career Achievements

Day’s coaching journey is dotted with achievements. Upon being named the head coach for Ohio State University in 2019, he has led the team to an impressive 34-4 record. He’s also clinched two Big Ten Championships and was crowned the Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2019.

Ryan Day’s Contract Extension

May 2022 marked a significant milestone for Day. He signed a seven-year contract extension with Ohio State University, totaling a whopping $66.5 million, placing him amongst the top echelon of highest-paid college football coaches.

Comparisons with Other Celebrities

For a bit of fun, let’s draw a comparison. Ryan Day shares his first name with celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. While Reynolds has a net worth of $350 million and Gosling $70 million, it’s crucial to remember these figures stem from the entertainment industry, a vastly different realm from football coaching.


Ryan Day’s $3 million net worth, coupled with his pivotal role as Ohio State University’s head coach, reinforces his stature in the football world. With numerous accolades under his belt and a promising future ahead, we can only anticipate further accomplishments from this distinguished coach.


How much is Ryan Day’s net worth in 2023?
Ryan Day’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $3 million.

What is Ryan Day’s annual salary?
He earns an annual salary of $14,892,037 as the head coach of Ohio State University.

When did Ryan Day start his coaching career?
Ryan Day began his coaching journey as a graduate assistant at Boston College.

Where was Ryan Day born?
He was born in Manchester, New Hampshire on March 12, 1979.