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Birth Year: 1929
Birth Place: Somerset County, New Jersey, United States
Residence: New York City, New York, U.S.
Alma mater: Syracuse University
Occupation: Businessman
Title: President, Advance Publications
Spouse(s): Susan Newhouse (1955–2015)
Children: 3
Parent(s): Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr. Mitzi Newhouse
Relatives: Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. (brother)

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Donald Newhouse was born on 1929 in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States. Donald Newhouse and his brother, Samuel "Si" inherited the publishing and broadcasting empire Advance Publications decades ago. Donald is president of Advance Publications and oversees the newspaper business that his father Sam built up from the daily The Staten Island Advance. His brother, Si, who ran Conde Nast for years, died in October 2017. The company also owns social news site Reddit and a substantial stake in Discovery Communications. In April 2016, the Newhouses sold cable TV company Bright House Networks to John Malone's Charter Communications for $11.4 billion in cash and stock.
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💰Donald Newhouse Net worth: $11.6 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)

2009 $4 Billion
2010 $5.4 Billion
2011 $5.9 Billion
2012 $6.6 Billion
2013 $8.2 Billion
2014 $8.7 Billion
2015 $10.6 Billion
2016 $10.5 Billion
2017 $12.1 Billion
2018 $12.23 Billion

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To this day I still can't help but get to the office at 5, just about when you all will be getting home from this celebration, I guess.



In 1955, Newhouse married Susan Marley of Syracuse, the daughter of a local Jun K dealer turned self-made millionaire. Susan died in August 2015.