Fawzi Al-Kharafi

About Fawzi Al-Kharafi

Birth Place: Kuwait City, Kuwait, Kuwait
Residence: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Citizenship: Kuwaiti
Occupation: CEO and vice chairman of the M. A. Kharafi & Sons
Spouse(s): married
Children: Yousef Fawzi, Zaina Fawzi
Parent(s): Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Al-Kharafi
Relatives: Nasser Al-Kharafi (brother) Jassem Al-Kharafi (brother) Faiza Al-Kharafi (sister)
Website: www.makharafi.net

Fawzi Al-Kharafi Net Worth

Fawzi Al-Kharafi was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait, Kuwait. Fawzi Al Kharafi is the chairman of Kharafi Group, one of the Middle East's biggest holding companies. He took over as chairman following the death of his brother Jassim in 2015. The Kharafis have major stakes in Kuwaiti companies, but in 2016 sold their shares in Kuwait Food Co. (also known as Americana) for $2.3 billion to Arab investors; the company operates fast-food chains in the Middle East, including KFC and Hardee's. His brother Mohannad is also a billionaire.
Fawzi Al-Kharafi is a member of Diversified

💰Fawzi Al-Kharafi Net worth: $1.14 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)

2012 $1.2 Billion
2013 $1.25 Billion
2014 $1.3 Billion
2015 $1.25 Billion
2017 $1.3 Billion
2018 $1.15 Billion