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Who is it?: Evangelist
Birth Place: Kroppenstedt, Prussian

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George Muller was born in Kroppenstedt, Prussian, is Evangelist. Rising from a life of sin to become one of the world’s most revered Christian evangelists, George Muller was a true son of God. With nothing but his faith in Jesus Christ, he set upon himself the task of establishing orphanages for providing care and education for thousands of orphans. His initial work with orphans started when he and his wife started taking in orphaned girls into their rented house. Gradually their work expanded and soon they were managing three homes, not just for orphaned girls, but also for boys and smaller children. As the population of orphans grew, neighbors began to complain about the noise and Muller decided to establish separate buildings for the orphanages. He had a very deep faith in God and prayed to the almighty to give him the funds for accomplishing this aim. Miraculously, he never fell short of funds and or found himself in debt. People always offered him unsolicited donations in form of money or in kind, and he and his orphans never felt themselves missing a necessity such as food or clothing. A devout Christian he frequently read the Bible and encouraged the children to do so. He was a preacher by profession and had traveled all over the world during the course of his missionary tours.
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💰George Muller Net worth: $800,000

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