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Birth Day: February 12, 1960
Birth Place: Surrey, United Kingdom, Sweden
Birth Sign: Pisces
Residence: Surrey, England
Occupation: Co-owner, Tetra Laval Director, Ocado
Parent(s): Gad Rausing and Birgit Rausing
Relatives: Ruben Rausing (grandfather) Kirsten Rausing (sister) Finn Rausing (brother)

Jorn Rausing Net Worth

Jorn Rausing was born on February 12, 1960 in Surrey, United Kingdom, Sweden. Jorn Rausing's grandfather founded Tetra Pak, which invented aseptic ­packaging technology that makes it possible to store beverages like milk and orange juice in carton instead of glass bottles. His late father, Gad, bought out Jorn's uncle Hans in 1995. He and his two siblings Kirsten and Finn share the family fortune and sit on the board of Tetra Laval, the parent company. He also owns a piece of online grocery retailer Ocado. A plan by pro-Palestinian terrorists to kidnap him was foiled in 1989, but family still keeps a low profile. Resides in London but frequently travels to Sweden to hunt. The family's fortune is up this year mainly because of industry wide growth.
Jorn Rausing is a member of Food and Beverage

💰Jorn Rausing Net worth: $7.4 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)

2013 $5.2 Billion
2014 $5.7 Billion
2015 $5.5 Billion
2016 $5.8 Billion
2017 $6.1 Billion
2018 $7.4 Billion

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According to Forbes, Rausing has a net worth of $5.1 billion, as of January 2015. As well as Tetra Laval, he owns a share of Ocado, where he is a board Director.