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Who is it?: King of Aquitaine, King of Franks & Co-Emperor (Holy Roman Empire)
Died On: 20 June 840(840-06-20) (aged 61–62)\nIngelheim
Birth Sign: Taurus
Reign: 781–814
Coronation: By Pope Stephen IV: 5 October 816, Reims
Predecessor: Charles I as King of the Franks
Successor: Pepin I
Burial: Abbey of Saint-Arnould
Spouse: Ermengarde of Hesbaye Judith of Bavaria
Issue: Lothair I Pepin of Aquitaine Louis the German Charles the Bald
House: Carolingian
Father: Charlemagne
Mother: Hildegarde

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Louis The Pious was born, is King of Aquitaine, King of Franks & Co-Emperor (Holy Roman Empire). Louis I, who was also called Louis the Pious, inherited the throne of the Frankish Empire from his father Charlemagne. He wanted to do two things: 1) rule a Christian empire and 2) have a united empire. To accomplish the first goal, he held ecclesiastical councils in Aachen that would formulate rules to reform, govern, and strengthen the Catholic Church. He mandated that all monasteries abide by the Benedictine Rule, which stressed humility, obedience and industry. Similarly, he wanted all clerics to adopt monastic standards. He also enforced religious morality in his home by sending his unmarried sisters to nunneries. He defended the borders of his empire against hostile forces like the Moors in Barcelona. He also wanted to keep the empire together, despite the difficulty presented by having multiple sons, three of whom would outlive him. To compound the problem, his second wife had a son, and she naturally wanted him to inherit part of the empire. As that would result in their own shares of the empire being shrunk, the three older sons objected. The last remaining years of Louis' life would be devoted to civil wars with his own sons. The succession problem would not, in fact, be settled until after Louis' death.
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On Lothair's return to Italy, Wala, Jesse, and Matfrid, formerly count of Orléans, died of a pestilence. On 2nd February 835 at the palace Thionville, Louis presided over a general council to deal with the events of the previous year. Known as the Synod of Thionville, Louis himself was reinvested with his ancestral garb and the crown, symbols of Carolingian rulership. Furthermore, the penance of 833 was officially reversed and Archbishop Ebbo officially resigned after confessing to a capital crime, whilst Agobard of Lyon and Bartholmew, Archbishop of Narbonne were also deposed. Later that year Lothair fell ill; once again the events turned in Louis favour.


By his first wife, Ermengarde of Hesbaye (married ca. 794–98), he had three sons and three daughters: