Nancy Young

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Who is it?: Stunts, Actress, Casting Director
Birth Day: February 14, 1953
Occupation: Actress

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Nancy Young was born on February 14, 1953, is Stunts, Actress, Casting Director. Nancy Young was born and raised in New York where she studied and performed at "The National Improvisational Theatre" for 3 years before heading west to Los Angeles, studying Improvisation at "Second City Hollywood". She has also studied at "The Beverly Hills Playhouse", "Margie Haber Studio" and the "Ivana Chubbuck Studio".While honing her acting skills, Nancy decided to use her athletic background to perform Stunt work. She quickly became one of the most in demand Stunt Performers doubling some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.Landed the female lead in the film "Three Days to Vegas" opposite Peter Falk (his last film), Rip Torn, George Segal and Billy Burke. Has worked as an actress on the feature films "Show Business", "The Bleeding" and the TV shows "Two Broke Girls, "One Tree Hill" and "Castle".Recently for the stage, playing the lead as "Kat" in "The Porcini Test" by Laureen Vonnegut" at the Santa Monica Promenade. Other recent stage work, as the female lead "Mary Hatch" in "Frank Capra's" "It's a Wonderful Life", the female lead "Karen Andre" in "Ayn Rand's" "Night of January 16th", the female lead "Collette" in "John Patrick Shanley's" "Four Dogs And A Bone", the female lead "Anne Norbury" in "William Fairchild's "The Sound Of Murder", the female lead "Phyllis Dickerson" in Katherine Bates "Double Indemnity" and "Mrs Webb in "Our Town.
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