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Who is it?: Sports agent
Birth Day: November 02, 1952
Birth Place: United States
Birth Sign: Scorpio

Scott Boras Net Worth

Scott Boras net worth and salary: Scott Boras is an United States CEOs who has a net worth of $400 Million. Scott Boras was born in United States in November 02, 1952.
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💰Scott Boras Net worth: $400 Million (Updated at 15 March 2019)

Scott Boras net worth, commission and salary: Scott Boras is an American sports agent who has a net worth of $400 million dollars. Scott Boras founded the successful sports agency, The Boras Corporation. He focuses primarily on baseball players and has over 175 high-profile clients including, Alex Rodriguez, Matt Holliday, Manny Ramirez, and Jayson Werth. Scott Dean Boras was born on November 2, 1952, in Sacramento, California. He grew up in Elk Grove, California as the son of a dairy farmer. He attended the University of the Pacific where he put up record numbers for the school's baseball team. He then spent several years playing in the minor league organizations of the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Having spent four years in the minor leagues, he retired after going through three knee surgeries. He returned to the University of the Pacific where he earned a doctorate in industrial pharmacology, and a law degree, specializing in medical litigation. After law school he went to work as an associate for a Chicago law firm. In the early 80s he decided to become a full-time sports agent. In 1983 he negotiated what was then the largest contract in baseball history, a $7.5 million deal for a player named Bill Caudill. Soon after, he founded the Scott Boras Corporation, a California-based sports agency that now represents hundreds of professional baseball clients, including some of the highest profile baseball players in the world. He has become known for arranging record-setting contracts for his clients. He was the very first agent to negotiate a contract larger than $50 million (for Greg Maddux- $57 million over five years). He was also the first agent to break the $100 million and $200 million contract barrier. Today his company, Boras Corp, is one of the most valuable talent agencies in the world.

Scott Boras salary/commission: Scott earns a 5% commission on all contracts he negotiates for his clients. So for example, between September 2017 and September 2018, he negotiated $1.88 billion worth of contracts for various clients. His commission on those deals was $105 million.