Young Prince Charles

About Young Prince Charles

Who is it?: RAPPER
Birth Day: June 27, 2001
Birth Place: American
Birth Sign: Cancer

Young Prince Charles Net Worth

Young Prince Charles net worth and salary: Young Prince Charles is an American Rappers who has a net worth of $100 million. Young Prince Charles was born in American in June 27, 2001. Born as Charles Jones III, Young Prince Charles is a young American rap sensation who is extremely mature for his age. He is not just an entertainer but a true artist who provides his listeners with music that has some real depth. He gained his fame across the country thanks to his early performances “I Wanna Get to Know You” and “Hard Work.” People also love him for his anti-bullying projects like “Bully This, Bully That.”
Young Prince Charles is a member of Rappers

💰Young Prince Charles Net worth: $100 million (Updated at 15 March 2019)

Family, Mom, Dad, Wife & Husbands, kids

Father: It is a music Producer named Charles Jones who used to work as apromoter at BYC Entertainment. The man admitted that his son has been alwaysstriving for saying important things to people through his music, school work,dancing, whatever he has ever done. There is always a message behind hisactivity.

Mother: Little is known about his mom. Her name is Katrina Jones. She is aproducer and her son’s manager now. His parents realized their son was aprodigy who needed an outlet when he was just 5. He kept imitating his favoriteartists, dancing, and singing.

Siblings: Charles grew up together with his one junior and onesenior sibling. Their names are Charlvin and Chalrise. The latter one is hiscollaborator. They work together on choreography. When Young Prince is on tour,she performs as one of his Dancers serving as a part of Da RockStarz. The girlnow attends Virginia Union University. Meanwhile,Charlvin often appears in his star brother’s performances. He has the samehaircut as Young. 

Husbands and kids: The boy is too young to be bound in matrimony.Certainly, he has no children. 

Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Relationship

Sexual orientation: heterosexual.

About hisrelationships, nothing has been clarified. 

Young Prince Charles Money, Net Worth

How much he hasearned is under wraps. 

Houses & Cars

Place of living: He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Cars: What his car collection is has not been disclosed.