Zhu Xingliang

About Zhu Xingliang

Birth Year: 1959
Birth Place: Suzhou, China, China
Residence: Suzhou, China
Alma mater: Suzhou University of Science and Technology
Occupation: Founder, Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration
Spouse(s): married
Children: 1

Zhu Xingliang Net Worth

Zhu Xingliang was born on 1959 in Suzhou, China, China. Zhu Xingliang is the largest shareholder of Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration, a pioneer in China's interior design and decoration business. Zhu founded Suzhou Gold Mantis in 1993. Gold Mantis has done interior/exterior decorating, landscaping, design and other work for some of China's eminent new structures of the past years.
Zhu Xingliang is a member of Construction & Engineering

💰Zhu Xingliang Net worth: $2 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)

2011 $1.3 Billion
2012 $1.4 Billion
2013 $2.3 Billion
2014 $1.8 Billion
2015 $3.2 Billion
2016 $1.6 Billion
2017 $1.9 Billion
2018 $2.64 Billion

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Zhu Xingliang was born in 1959, and educated at Suzhou University of Science and Technology, from where he graduated in 1987.