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Who is it?: Engineer
Birth Day: May 10, 1859
Birth Place: Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovak
Died On: 25 December 1942(1942-12-25) (aged 83)\nZürich, Switzerland
Birth Sign: Gemini
Resting place: Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia
Residence: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland
Education: Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Known for: technical thermodynamics gas turbine-powered electric generator
Awards: Honorary degree of Leibniz University Hannover Grashof medal of Verein Deutscher Ingenieure Honorary degree of German Technical University in Brno Honorary degree of Charles University of Prague James Watt International Medal

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Aurel Stodola was born on May 10, 1859 in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovak, is Engineer. Aurel Stodola was a Slovak engineer and inventor. He originated the study of thermodynamics and produced significant work in a number of scientific fields. He was a professor at the Institute of Technology in Zurich for nearly half of his lifetime and was consulted for input on developing the gas turbine. During his tenure, he educated and influenced hundreds of engineers, including some of the greatest scientific minds of our age. During the First World War, he came across a surgeon that he collaborated with to help the injured soldiers returning from war. In 1928, he invented the first heat pump which still serves as the primary source of heat generation for Geneva, Switzerland's city hall. As the father of steam turbines, he published a highly regarded manual that was eventually translated into several languages and is still used as a resource today. He constantly pursued new knowledge in a vast array of technical sciences, was given honorary doctorates by four universities, earned many awards and was an adviser to the Academy of Sciences in France. The Institute of Technology in Zurich declared 2009 the "Year of Aurel Stodola" and asteroid ‘3981 Stodola’ was named in his honor.
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In 1915–1916 Stodola collaborated with Ferdinand Sauerbruch a German surgeon to develop an advanced mechanically driven prosthetic arm. This collaboration marked one of the first documented examples of a surgeon and Engineer merging efforts. Sauerbruch said, "Henceforth, surgeon, Physiologist, and technician (prosthetist/engineer) will have to work together."


Stodola's book Steam and Gas Turbines was cited by Soviet rocket scientist Fridrikh Tsander in the 1920s. Published in English in 1927 and reprinted many times up to 1945, it was a basic reference for Engineers working on the first generation of jet propulsion engines in the United States. Stodola worked closely with industries on the development of the first practical gas turbines, in particular Brown, Boveri & Cie, who built the first gas turbine-powered electric generator in 1939.