How Much Is Barry Hearn Worth Today?

How Much Is Barry Hearn Worth Today?

Barry Hearn, a titan in the sports industry, has gained fame for his prowess in promoting snooker, darts, boxing, and even fishing. As the founder of Matchroom Sport, his company stands tall among global sporting event promotions enterprises. But the burning question many have on their minds today is, “What is Barry Hearn’s current net worth?”

As the sports realm has evolved, Barry Hearn’s name has consistently been associated with innovation and success. This article will delve into “barry hearn net worth”, the rise of Matchroom, and Hearn’s influence over the years.

Summary of Barry Hearn Net Worth

1948Barry Hearn’s birth in Dagenham, Essex, England.
1973Hearn buys a snooker hall in Romford, Essex.
1982Foundation of Matchroom Sport.
1980sHearn promotes the snooker boom globally.
1990sMatchroom’s expansion into darts and boxing.
2000sHearn promotes darts and boxing globally.
2010sHearn retires, passing Matchroom’s reins to Eddie.
2023Barry Hearn’s net worth is approximated at £82 million.

The Snooker Boom of the 1980s

In the 1980s, snooker witnessed an unprecedented boom, much attributed to Hearn’s efforts. Partnering with players like Steve Davis and Tony Meo, he established Matchroom as a snooker powerhouse. Legends such as Terry Griffiths, Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne, and many more, found representation under the Matchroom banner. Television broadcasts magnified the sport’s allure, pulling in millions of global viewers. Hearn wasn’t just the man behind the curtain; he actively propelled the sport into the international limelight, improving the financial fates of many snooker players in the process.

Barry Hearn’s Net Worth

Over the years, different sources have quoted varied figures regarding Hearn’s wealth. Figures range from an impressive £82 million (as stated by sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider) to other estimates like $5 million and $65 million. These figures not only establish him as one of the world’s wealthiest sports promoters but also underscore the success of his myriad business ventures, including his roles at Matchroom Sport and as a seasoned commentator.

Barry Hearn’s Legacy

Hearn’s ingenuity didn’t just stop at snooker. He has been a transformative force, changing the way sports are promoted and viewed. From snooker to darts and boxing, his influence is palpable. While he founded Matchroom Sport, the baton has now been passed to his son, Eddie Hearn. Under Eddie’s leadership, Matchroom continues to diversify, stepping into realms like boxing and MMA.

A Glimpse Into Matchroom’s Growth

From its inception, Matchroom stood out in the snooker world. As the 1990s approached, Hearn expanded Matchroom’s repertoire to embrace darts, boxing, and other sports. By the 2000s, darts and boxing witnessed heightened popularity worldwide, with Matchroom staging some of the most iconic fights in both sports. Today, even after Hearn’s retirement as chairman, Matchroom remains a dominant force in the sports promotion arena.


Barry Hearn’s trajectory, from a humble Romford snooker hall to becoming a revered sports promoter, is nothing short of extraordinary. His staggering net worth and Matchroom’s unparalleled legacy stand as testaments to his business prowess and unyielding passion for sports.


1. What is Barry Hearn’s estimated net worth?
His net worth is estimated around £82 million as of 2023.

2. Who now oversees Matchroom Sport?
Eddie Hearn, Barry’s son, now leads Matchroom Sport.

3. In which sports has Barry Hearn made significant contributions?
He has significantly contributed to snooker, darts, boxing, and fishing.

4. When did Barry Hearn retire from Matchroom’s chairmanship?
He retired in the 2010s and handed over the responsibility to his son, Eddie.