Unlocking the Secrets of LPGA Ascendant Net Worth Inside the 2023 Prize Money Payout

Unlocking the Secrets of LPGA Ascendant Net Worth Inside the 2023 Prize Money Payout

LPGA Ascendant net worth has gained significant attention, especially after the recent 2023 Ascendant LPGA event. This prestigious golf event was held at the renowned Old American Golf Club, situated in The Colony, Texas.

The highlight of this event, apart from the golfing talents displayed, was undeniably the prize money distribution. Such monetary aspects often generate curiosity among enthusiasts and the general public alike. In the following paragraphs, we will delve deep into the financial intricacies of this grand golfing event.

Summary of lpga ascendant net worth

2023 Event LocationOld American Golf Club, Texas
2023 Overall Purse$1.8 million
Winner’s Share$270,000
Percentage of Total Purse15%
Notable Player EarningsAndrea Lee – $523,649
 Perrine Delacour – $510,730
 Linnea Strom – $502,970
Significant Earnings MilestoneHull surpassed $1 million in 2022

Prize Money Breakdown

In 2023, the Ascendant LPGA purse was a whopping $1.8 million. This significant amount does not just represent the tournament’s stature but also the growth and popularity of women’s golf.

The winner’s share, a staggering amount of $270,000, constituted 15% of the overall purse. This is in line with the standard payout rules according to the LPGA Tour’s prize distribution.

Hyo Joo Kim’s Victory

Hyo Joo Kim’s performance at The Ascendant LPGA was nothing short of spectacular. Representing South Korea, she clinched a wire-to-wire victory, showcasing her skills and determination.

The cherry on the cake was the prize money she earned for this victory. A jaw-dropping $270,000 went into her pocket as the first-place prize.

Official Money Leaders

The competition is fierce, with many talented golfers vying for the top spots. To name a few, Andrea Lee from the United States earned $523,649. France’s Perrine Delacour wasn’t far behind with $510,730, followed by Linnea Strom from Sweden at $502,970, and Alison from the United States.

Keeping track of official money rankings is crucial. It doesn’t just show an individual player’s performance but also the competition level in the LPGA events.

Earnings Milestones

The Ascendant LPGA’s first-place payday can be a game-changer for many golfers. For instance, Hull’s first-place payday in 2022 pushed her earnings past $1 million. This achievement made her the sixth English golfer to win multiple times on the LPGA Tour.


The Ascendant LPGA, with its massive prize money, has proven to be a significant event on the LPGA calendar. While the money is indeed alluring, it also showcases the growth, popularity, and competitive spirit of women’s golf.

For enthusiasts and fans, it’s essential to stay updated not just with the matches but also with the financial intricacies, giving a complete picture of the world of professional women’s golf.


1. Where was the 2023 Ascendant LPGA held?
Old American Golf Club in The Colony, Texas.

2. How much did Hyo Joo Kim earn for her victory?
She earned $270,000 for her first-place finish.

3. What was the overall purse for the 2023 Ascendant LPGA?
The total purse was $1.8 million.

4. Who surpassed $1 million in earnings in 2022?
The English golfer, Hull, achieved this milestone.