How Much is Sheikh Hasina Net Worth in 2023?

How Much is Sheikh Hasina Net Worth in 2023?

Sheikh Hasina, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh, boasts a significant net worth, especially when compared to many other politicians within her country. With over a decade in office since 2009, Hasina’s wealth is estimated to be around $5 million. Given the buzz surrounding the financial status of world leaders, understanding how and where such wealth accumulates can be quite fascinating. This article delves into the specifics of Sheikh Hasina’s net worth, her salary as Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, and other related insights.

Sheikh Hasina, currently at the helm of Bangladesh’s leadership, has been a prominent figure in the country’s politics for decades. Her role as Prime Minister has placed her among the richest politicians in Bangladesh. This piece aims to shed light on her earnings and the elements contributing to her net worth.

Summary of Sheikh Hasina’s Net Worth

Sheikh Hasina’s net worth$5 million
Sheikh Hasina’s annual salary (USD)$12,456 USD
Sheikh Hasina’s monthly salary (BDT)1,15,000 Taka (BDT)
Year of Birth1947
ResidenceDhaka, Bangladesh
Marital StatusWidowed
Number of Children2

Prime Minister’s Salary in Bangladesh 2023

The Nation Pay Scale, an authoritative source on salaries for various roles within Bangladesh, details that the Prime Minister receives a monthly salary of 1,15,000 Taka (BDT). To provide a global context, this translates to roughly $1,038 USD or LKR 337,824.00.

Sheikh Hasina’s Annual Earnings

Taking into account her monthly earnings, Sheikh Hasina accumulates an annual salary of $12,456 USD. For those tracking finances in LKR, this totals to LKR 4,054,688.00.

Sheikh Hasina’s Personal Details

Born in 1947, Sheikh Hasina is currently 75 years old. She resides in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and holds Bangladeshi citizenship. On a personal front, she is widowed and is a mother to two children.

Sheikh Hasina’s Net Worth

As per multiple sources, including reputable ones like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Sheikh Hasina’s net worth is pegged at around $5 million. Her wealth isn’t just from her political career; it comprises assets like prime real estate in Dhaka, a collection of vehicles, and investments in several businesses.

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Sheikh Hasina’s financial standing, with a net worth of $5 million and an annual salary of $12,456 USD (or LKR 4,054,688.00), surely places her among the elite in Bangladesh. Her tenure as the Prime Minister and her diverse assets contribute significantly to her wealth. As always, wealth figures for public figures are surrounded by various speculations, but the numbers mentioned here are based on the most recent and reliable sources.


Q1: How long has Sheikh Hasina been the Prime Minister?
Sheikh Hasina has held the position since 2009.

Q2: What is the primary source of her wealth?
Apart from her salary as the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina’s wealth comprises assets like property, investments, and shares in companies.

Q3: How much does she earn annually in USD?
Sheikh Hasina’s annual salary is approximately $12,456 USD.

Q4: Is she among the richest politicians in Bangladesh?
Yes, with an estimated net worth of $5 million, she is considered one of the wealthiest politicians in Bangladesh.