How Much Is Zelda Williams, the Daughter of Robin Williams, Truly Worth?

How Much Is Zelda Williams, the Daughter of Robin Williams, Truly Worth?

Zelda Williams, an accomplished American actress and the daughter of the iconic Robin Williams, is reported to have a net worth of $20 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Born in New York City in July 1989, Zelda has made quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry. But how accurate are these estimates, and what factors contribute to the various figures being reported?

Zelda Williams, with her talent and lineage, has captured the attention of many. Being an American actress and the daughter of the legendary Robin Williams and film producer Marsha Garces, she naturally garners interest. But beyond her family ties, Zelda’s own accomplishments stand out.

Summary of Zelda Williams Net Worth

July 31, 1989Date of birthBorn in New York City
1994Acting debut“In Search of Dr. Seuss” TV movie
1995Film debutAppeared in “Nine Months”
2004Starred with father“House of D” alongside Robin Williams
2013-2014Voiced KuviraRole in “The Legend of Korra”
2023Net worthEstimated $20 million

Zelda Williams’ Early Life

Zelda came into this world on July 31, 1989, in New York City. She shares a bond with her younger brother Cody and has an older half-brother, Zak Williams. Being raised in the limelight, thanks to her parents’ fame, she had a unique upbringing.

Estimations of Zelda Williams’ Net Worth

When it comes to Zelda’s net worth, the numbers vary. Some sources, like Celebrity Net Worth, peg it at $20 million. Yet, renowned names like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider offer a more conservative estimate of $5 million. Surprisingly, some even go as low as suggesting $2 million. Such a range speaks to the challenges in assessing the true value of assets in the entertainment industry.

Zelda Williams’ Career

Zelda’s journey in acting began in 1994, featuring in a TV movie titled “In Search of Dr. Seuss”. Just a year later, she appeared in the film “Nine Months”. 2004 saw her sharing screen space with her father in “House of D”. Beyond acting, her voice has become recognizable. Her role as Kuvira in “The Legend of Korra” is particularly notable. Her talents don’t end there; she’s also ventured into directing, producing, and writing.

Other Relevant Information

In 2023, Zelda stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and is 33 years old. She’s quite private, leaving many aspects of her personal life, including relationships and family details, out of the public domain.


Zelda Williams, equipped with a rich legacy and immense talent, is undeniably a force in the entertainment world. While her net worth might be a subject of debate, her influence and achievements remain concrete.


1. Who is Zelda Williams?
Zelda Williams is an American actress, daughter of the famous Robin Williams.

2. What is Zelda Williams’ net worth in 2023?
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Zelda’s net worth is $20 million.

3. When did Zelda Williams start her acting career?
She began acting in 1994 with a role in “In Search of Dr. Seuss”.

4. Does Zelda Williams have siblings?
Yes, she has a younger brother named Cody and an older half-brother named Zak Williams.