Carl Bennet

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Birth Year: 1951
Birth Place: Gothenberg, Sweden, Sweden
Residence: Gothenburg, Sweden
Alma mater: University of Gothenburg
Known for: chairman of Getinge and Elanders
Board member of: Getinge Elanders Holmen
Spouse(s): Nina Bennet
Children: 1

Carl Bennet Net Worth

Carl Bennet was born on 1951 in Gothenberg, Sweden, Sweden. Swedish industrialist Carl Bennet controls three companies on the Stockholm stock exchange, including business group Lifco and printing company Elanders. His most valuable asset is medical products company Getinge, which Bennet and fellow investor Rune Andersson acquired from Electrolux in 1989. They ran the company together for nearly a decade before parting ways. Bennet has criticized Sweden's central-left government for not doing enough to decrease youth unemployment in Sweden, which he describes as an "ulcer on society"; he proposes a German-style apprentice system.
Carl Bennet is a member of Finance and Investments

💰Carl Bennet Net worth: $3.7 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)

2013 $1.7 Billion
2014 $2 Billion
2015 $2.6 Billion
2016 $2.3 Billion
2017 $2.5 Billion
2018 $4.27 Billion

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Carl Bennet was born in 1951, and has a bachelor's degree in Economics, and an MBA from the University of Gothenburg.


As of November 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth at US$2.8 billion.