Huang Shaowu

About Huang Shaowu

Birth Day: July 24, 1901
Birth Place: China
Died On: 16 October 1996(1996-10-16) (aged 95)\nTaipei, Taiwan
Birth Sign: Leo
Preceded by: George Yeh
Succeeded by: Shen Chang-huan
Premier: Chen Cheng Yu Hung-Chun Chen Cheng
Political party: Kuomintang
Alma mater: Beijing Normal University

Huang Shaowu Net Worth

Huang Shaowu was born on July 24, 1901 in China. Huang Shaowu is the cofounder of cell phone retailer Shenzhen Aisidi, which went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Huang chairs Sinomaster Group, the majority shareholder of Aisidi, which also invests in agribusiness, tourism, logistics and real estate.
Huang Shaowu is a member of Fashion & Retail