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Birth Day: January 29, 1947
Birth Place: Basel, Switzerland, Switzerland
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Education: Sciences Po, ÉNA, University of Chicago,
Occupation: Civil servant
Spouse(s): Nicolas Droin (m. 2013)

Jean-Paul Clozel Net Worth

Jean-Paul Clozel was born on January 29, 1947 in Basel, Switzerland, Switzerland. Shares of Clozel's Swiss pharmaceutical firm, Actelion, surged following Johnson & Johnson's announced $30 billion takeover bid in January 2017. The cardiologist cofounded the company in 1997 with his wife, Martine, and three other colleagues. Actelion makes drugs for orphan diseases, which affect fewer than 200,000 people and typically receive little research funding.
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💰Jean-Paul Clozel Net worth: $1.95 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)



Cluzel was born on January 29, 1947 and lived in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, a suburb of Paris, France, until he was 14. His parents worked in a hardware store. He studied in the École nationale d'administration from 1970 until 1972, the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, Panthéon-Assas University, and the University of Chicago, where he received a Master of Arts.