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Who is it?: Actor, Soundtrack
Birth Day: May 19, 2013
Birth Place:  Massachusetts, United States
Birth Sign: Gemini
Portrayed by: Brian Manthenga
Duration: 2008–09
First appearance: 1 December 2008
Last appearance: 25 March 2009
Introduced by: Jason Daniel
Classification: Former; recurring
Occupation: Nurse at Shortland Street Hospital (2009)
Other names: Lily Scorpion (alter ego)
FamilyFatherMotherHalf-brothersHalf-sistersHusbandGrandmothersNephews: Family Father William Miller Mother Elizabeth Braithwaite Half-brothers Eric Miller Half-sisters Nicole Kruse-Miller Husband Gerald Tippett (2009) Grandmothers Grandma Miller Nephews Pele Kruse William MillerElizabeth BraithwaiteEric MillerNicole Kruse-MillerGerald Tippett (2009)Grandma MillerPele Kruse
Father: Ian Watson
Mother: Helen Carson
Half-brothers: Eric Miller
Half-sisters: Nicole Kruse-Miller
Husband: Trent Watson
Grandmothers: Hine Ryan
Nephews: Kitu Scott (adopted)
FamilySonsDaughters: Family Sons Joey Henderson Daughters Lauren Henderson Joey HendersonLauren Henderson
Sons: William Watson
Daughters: Elizabeth Watson Catherine Watson
FamilyFatherMotherBrothersSonsDaughtersNephews: Family Father Jimmy Scott Mother Hine Ryan Brothers James Scott Patrick Scott Sons Jessie Scott Daughters Amy Scott Nephews Kitu Scott (adopted) Jimmy ScottHine RyanJames Scott Patrick ScottJessie ScottAmy ScottKitu Scott (adopted)
Brothers: Vijay Kumari
FamilyBrothersGrandfathersGrandmothersUnclesAuntsFirst cousins: Family Brothers Jessie Scott Grandfathers Jimmy Scott Grandmothers Hine Ryan Uncles James Scott Patrick Scott Aunts Shanti Kumari Tracey Morrison First cousins Kitu Scott (adopted) Jessie ScottJimmy ScottHine RyanJames Scott Patrick ScottShanti Kumari Tracey MorrisonKitu Scott (adopted)
Grandfathers: Jimmy Scott
Uncles: Vijay Kumari
Aunts: Rani Kumari
First cousins: Magic Evans
FamilySistersGrandfathersGrandmothersUnclesAuntsFirst cousins: Family Sisters Amy Scott Grandfathers Jimmy Scott Grandmothers Hine Ryan Uncles James Scott Patrick Scott Aunts Shanti Kumari Tracey Morrison First cousins Kitu Scott (adopted) Amy ScottJimmy ScottHine RyanJames Scott Patrick ScottShanti Kumari Tracey MorrisonKitu Scott (adopted)
Sisters: Shanti Kumari Grishma Kumari
FamilyWifeSonsDaughtersGrandsonsGranddaughters: Family Wife Hine Rangiuia (until 1990) Sons James Scott Patrick Scott Daughters Rebecca Scott Grandsons Jessie Scott Kitu Scott (adpoptive) Granddaughters Amy Scott Hine Rangiuia (until 1990)James Scott Patrick ScottRebecca ScottJessie Scott Kitu Scott (adpoptive)Amy Scott
Wife: Cindy Watson
Grandsons: Hunter McKay
Granddaughters: Sophie McKay
FamilyHusbandSonsDaughters: Family Husband Trent Watson Sons William Watson Daughters Elizabeth Watson Catherine Watson Trent WatsonWilliam WatsonElizabeth Watson Catherine Watson
FamilyFatherMotherBrothersSistersUnclesAunts: Family Father Naveen Kumari Mother Shobna Kumari Brothers Sunil Kumari Sisters Shanti Kumari Grishma Kumari Uncles Vijay Kumari Aunts Rani Kumari Naveen KumariShobna KumariSunil KumariShanti Kumari Grishma KumariVijay KumariRani Kumari
FamilyBrothersWifeSonsDaughters: Family Brothers Vijay Kumari Wife Shobna Kumari (1978—) Sons Sunil Kumari Daughters Shanti Kumari Grishma Kumari Dipali Kumari Vijay KumariShobna Kumari (1978—)Sunil KumariShanti Kumari Grishma Kumari Dipali Kumari
FamilyWifeSons: Family Wife Katie Tippett Sons Gerald Tippett Katie TippettGerald Tippett
FamilyHusbandSons: Family Husband Nigel Tippett Sons Gerald Tippett Nigel TippettGerald Tippett
FamilyFirst cousins: Family First cousins Magic Evans Magic Evans
FamilyMother: Family Mother Helen Carson Helen Carson
FamilySons: Family Sons Orlando Gunn Orlando Gunn
FamilySonsGrandsonsGranddaughters: Family Sons Callum McKay Gordon McKay Grandsons Hunter McKay Granddaughters Sophie McKay Callum McKay Gordon McKayHunter McKaySophie McKay
FamilyWife: Family Wife Deborah McKenzie Deborah McKenzie
FamilyHusband: Family Husband Fraser McKenzie Fraser McKenzie
FamilyFatherWifeSonsDaughters: Family Father Ian Watson Wife Cindy Watson Sons William Watson Daughters Elizabeth Watson Catherine Watson Ian WatsonCindy WatsonWilliam WatsonElizabeth Watson Catherine Watson

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Jesse Scott was born on May 19, 2013 in  Massachusetts, United States, is Actor, Soundtrack. Jesse Scott was born on May 13, 1922 in Massachusetts, USA as Jessie C. Scott. He was an actor, known for The Champ (1931), Madame Du Barry (1934) and Dimples (1936). He died on May 29, 1968 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
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Deborah McKenzie was the wife of Fraser McKenzie (Peter Daube). Deborah had serious Alzheimer's and struggled to recognise Fraser. She pushed Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) down a FLIGHT of stairs and seriously injured her neck. In late 2008 Yvonne discovered Fraser was considering murdering his wife and stopped seeing the two.


Trent Watson was the husband of Morgan Braithwaite's (Bonnie Soper) good friend, Cindy (Sarah McLeod). Trent and Cindy visited Morgan and announced their pregnancy. However, days later the couple confirmed they had suffered their third miscarriage and asked Morgan to be an illegal surrogate mother for their child. The pregnancy went straight forward however when Morgan discovered she was having triplets, Cindy and Trent requested she abort one of the babies. Morgan decided to keep the children and subsequently Cindy and Trent broke up. Trent tried to get together with Morgan but she declined him and he nervously reconciled with Cindy. The two were delighted when Morgan announced they could have the children and departed in June 2009.


In 2010 Cindy rang to express her sadness at the couple not being able to attend Morgan's memorial Service.


Katherine "Katie" Tippett was the eccentric mother of Gerald Tippett (Harry McNaughton). Morgan Braithwaite (Bonnie Soper) suspected Gerald's parents of molesting him as a boy but this turned out not to be the case as revealed over Gerald's birthday dinner. Katie later visited after returning from Europe. Katie did not visit Gerald when his heart failed in 2012 as she was in Tibet with no cell phone coverage.


Don Lennox was a hitman that worked for corrupt pharmaceutical company – Scott Spear. Don murdered Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) to stop him exposing the company and later attempted to murder Justine Jones (Lucy Wigmore) for her part in the attempted exposure. Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) later hired Don to murder Ethan Pierce (Owen Black) but Ethan miraculously ended up dead before Don could get to him. Don returned in mid-2009, again hired by Scott Spear to stop Justine from testifying against them however a case of mistaken identity saw Don shoot Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen) instead. In December 2009 Don was brought into the hospital having suffered a gunshot to the chest, under a fake name but Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) recognised him. He ended up dying on the operating table.