Loren Gray

About Loren Gray

Who is it?: Musical.ly Star
Birth Day: April 19, 2002
Birth Place: American
Birth Sign: Aries
Occupation: Internet Celebrity, Model
Real Name / Birth name: Loren Beech
Nick Name: Loren
Age / How old?: April 19, 2002
From (Place of Birth):: Pennsylvania
Religion: Unknown
Nationality: American
Race / Ethnicity: White
Body Measurements: 34-25-35 or 86-63.5-89 cm
Build: Slim
Height / How tall?: 162 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Dress Size: 4 (US) or 34 (EU)
Shoe Size: 8 (US) or 38.5 (EU)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Loren Gray Net Worth

Loren Gray was born on April 19, 2002 in American, is Musical.ly Star. Loren Gray Beech is a young internet celebrity of American origin. She was born in Pennsylvania on April 11, 2002. She is most famous for her musical.ly lip sync videos both for popular songs and movies but she is also popular on other social networks and apps, including YouTube, where she was making videos together with a group of other famous YouTubers, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. She started her online activity back in 2015 and very quickly she began to attract lots of followers mostly because of her charming baby face and charisma. Loren Gray joined a YouTube collaborative channel with Baby Ariel.
Loren Gray is a member of Music Stars

💰 Net worth: Under Review

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Family, Mom, Dad, Wife & Husbands, kids

Parents: Loren’s parents’ names and other personal information are not disclosed by the girl. However, we know from her tweets that her mother and her father are divorced and do not live together. Loren lives with her mother but also stays in contact with her father. She often posts photos of her together with her mom, so we can say that they are in a good relationship.

Siblings: Loren is her mother’s only daughter but she has a half-sister, who is a daughter of her father. She is 8 years older than her, and she doesn’t stay in contact with her.

Kids: As of 2017, Loren is too young to have children.

Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Relationship

Sexual Orientation: straight.

Despite her very young age, Loren dated Joey Kisluk nicknamed Whynot_Joey, another internet star and Musical.ly Celebrity, who is 3 years older than she, for almost two years. Their relationship started when she was only 12 years old. The couple even had a Common Instagram account where they posted their romantic photos but they broke up and this account was deleted. She also officially dated Juwany Roman nicknamed Flamingeos for about two months is 2016 but they broke up as the boy appeared to be too “controlling”. In 2017, Loren is often being seen with different boys, but there is no information whether she dates one of them.

Loren Gray Money, Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated $300k. She makes decent money on online advertisement due to her massive audience of followers, to this she works as a model and sells a number of merchandise, including clothes and bags.

Houses & Cars

Place of living: As of 2017, Loren is still living in Pennsylvania, USA, in her mother’s house. (Update: Loren Recently Moved out to LA she does not live in Pennsylvania anymore.)

More Info:

What is Loren’s real name?

Loren Gray Beech is her real name. When she was little, she didn’t like her middle name and preferred to be called Loren Beech, but now she likes being called Loren Gray more.

How rich are her parents? 

Loren’s parents are ordinary middle-class people and she is not a spoiled kid of wealthy family as you may have thought.

When did Loren start her Musical.ly activity?

She signed up in Muical.ly in July, 2015, and very quickly became popular there.

What are Loren’s other activities except being an internet star? 

Loren once was a cheerleader. She also danced and did gymnastics. But now she says she is too lazy for any kind of sport.

What are Loren’s collaborations with other online celebs?

She participated in collaborative YouTube channel together with other young and famous YouTubers, but she left it after a quarrel with Baby Ariel.

How did she offend Baby Ariel?

Loren offended Ariel in one of her leaked videos where she was mocking her. Also, she called her not funny and unattractive. She apologized for this later.

Why did she break up with her boyfriends?

Her ex-boyfriend Joey says that they broke up because they started to become more distant and just needed more time apart due to their growing fame and business. And as for Juwany, Loren left him because he was too dictating.

How much money does she earn?

There is no exact information about how much Loren earns on her internet and other activities, but we can say for sure that she gets more money than her parents.

What does she do apart from making videos for social media?

She is an aspiring fashion enthusiast and a model. There is her profile on the website of LOOK model agency and she has already shot for some fashion brands. Her career as a model looks promising because of her perfect height for this business and Barbie-like appearance.

What are Loren’s big plans for future?

She wants to use her fame to make a difference to the world. She even plans to organize a charity event one day. Also, she wants to create her own fashion line and become a professional makeup artist.

Does Loren have any awards?

She has no awards yet. In 2016, she was nominated for Teen Choice Award as the best muser but the award went to Baby Ariel.