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Who is it?: Actor, Director
Birth Day: September 12, 1962
Birth Place: Oujda, Morocco, Moroccan
Birth Sign: Libra
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1982–present
Spouse(s): Jeanette Qissi (divorced)

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Michel Qissi was born on September 12, 1962 in Oujda, Morocco, Moroccan, is Actor, Director. Michel Qissi, born as Mohammed Qissi, is a Moroccan-Belgian actor and director. He is famous for playing the role of Tong Po in the martial arts flick ‘Kickboxer’ and its sequel ‘Kickboxer 2’. Besides these, the actor has appeared in the movies ‘Breakin', ‘Bloodsport’, ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Bloodmatch’. As a director, he has made the films ‘Bara’, ‘Terminator Woman’, ‘Extreme Force’, and ‘Heart of a Lion’. Qissi, who is a boxing champion, started learning the sport at the age of seven. He is also trained in different forms of martial arts such as Shotokan Karate, kickboxing and Muay Thai. Taking about the actor’s personal lifestyle, he is known to be a media-shy person and likes to stay away from the outside world most of the time. This is the reason he is not active on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Qissi is a good buddy of actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. The two befriended each other at a very young age and grew up together sharing the love of action movies and martial arts.
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💰Michel Qissi Net worth: $20 Million

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In 1982, Qissi and Van Damme moved to the United States in the hope of becoming action stars. In 1984 they both were cast as extras in the film Breakin', before landing their big break in 1986. After obtaining an interview with Menahem Golan of Cannon Films, they secured a three-picture deal, the first of which was the highly successful Bloodsport, in which Van Damme starred and Qissi had a small role as a tournament fighter named Suan Paredes. In 1989, Qissi and Van Damme teamed up again for the film Kickboxer, in which Van Damme was the protagonist once more and Qissi the film's main villain, Tong Po. 1990 saw the pair make the film Lionheart, in which Qissi's brother, Abdel, played the villain. This was to be the last film Van Damme and Qissi made together, but Qissi did go on to reprise his role as Tong Po in Kickboxer 2.


In 2014, Qissi made the movie Bara, in which he played a double role as Bara and Hamza.