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Who is it?: Greek Philosopher
Birth Place: Abdera, Thrace, Ancient Greece, Greek
Died On: c. 420 BC
Era: Pre-Socratic philosophy
Region: Western philosophy
School: Sophism
Main interests: language, semantics, relativism, rhetoric, agnosticism, ethics
Notable ideas: 'Sophist' as teacher for hire, 'Man is the measure of all things'

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Protagoras was born in Abdera, Thrace, Ancient Greece, Greek, is Greek Philosopher. Protagoras was a Greek philosopher, thinker and teacher. He is considered as the most famous of Greek Sophists. In fact, he is attributed for inventing the role of a professional Sophist. He is the one who introduced the contemporary dialogue on morality and politics to Athens and taught on subjects like, how human beings ought to manage their personal affairs and manage their household in the most efficient way, how to run the social affairs and most importantly, how to contribute to the society in general through one’s words and actions. In his role as a Sophist, which he continued for over 40 years, he continually raised the questions whether or not virtue is something that can be taught. He also professed relativism, which meant that truth is an individual based concept as what is true for one person can be false for another, depending on their varied perceptions. He was also a propagator of agnosticism and got into trouble with the Athenians as he claimed his skeptic thoughts over the existence of God in his book ‘On the Gods’.
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The titles of his books, such as Technique of Eristics (Technē Eristikōn, literally "Practice of Wranglings"—with wrestling used as a metaphor for intellectual debate), prove that Protagoras also was a Teacher of rhetoric and argumentation. Diogenes Laërtius states that he was one of the first to take part in rhetorical contests in the Olympic games.