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Anthony Natale was born, is Miscellaneous Crew, Actor. Anthony Natale was born in St Catharines, Ontario, along with his older brother and younger sister, he represent the generation of a large Italian families in White Plains, New York He attended a boarding school for the deaf in Ernest C Drury, He was transferred to a mainstreaming gifted program with hearing students. Upon on his graduation as a valedictorian He Attended California State University Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts in film production and minor in theater arts. During his high school era, Anthony's first memory of wanting to be an actor was in a residential high school of the deaf, when Grease first came out. Being hearing impaired and at somewhat of a disadvantage before films were available in closed captions. Anthony came across a pop up book about the movie, and took it with him to watch. Right away, he knew he wanted "to be an actor like John Travolta". Natale says, he was the class clown in school and would have become an actor whether he was deaf or hearing.Natale is known to moviegoers as the guy in the elevator during the pivotal scene from Jerry Maguire, signing "You complete me" to his partner. He starred as the older son in Mr Holland's Opus and has been also seen in Children of a a lesser GodAnthony is also the star of "How to talk to a person who can't hear" , the first video made to teach sign language to the general public which has garnered awards from the U.S. International film&Video Festival and a young Artist Award.
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