Is Julie Chen Net Worth as Impressive as Her TV Career?

Is Julie Chen Net Worth as Impressive as Her TV Career?

Julie Chen, renowned as a dominant figure in American television, has been in the limelight for her roles as a news anchor, producer, and most notably as the host of the reality TV show Big Brother since 2000. While Chen’s commitment to the CBS network is undeniably extensive, a recurring question among many is, “What is Julie Chen’s net worth in 2023?” The answer to that is a whopping $30 million.

Over the years, Julie’s association with Big Brother and her introduction as “Julie Chen Moonves” has become iconic. Her earnings from this show alone are estimated to be around $75,000 per episode. Considering a season typically has 30-40 episodes, she rakes in approximately $3 million every season.

Summary of julie chen net worth

Key Dates/DataSummary
1970-01-06Julie Chen’s birth date
1999Joined CBS News
2000Started hosting Big Brother
2002Departed from CBS’s The Early Show
2011Joined The Talk as a co-host
2023Net worth estimated at $30 million
2024Set to celebrate 20 years of marriage

Big Brother Earnings

Julie’s association with Big Brother isn’t just limited to her hosting role; it’s also a significant contributor to her overall fortune. With an impressive payment of $75,000 for each episode, and seasons often having 30-40 episodes, Julie’s earnings from Big Brother alone total to roughly $3 million annually.

Julie Chen’s Career

From her humble beginnings as a news anchor at local TV stations in Ohio to becoming a correspondent for CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News, Julie’s journey in broadcasting is nothing short of impressive. It was in 1999 that she ascended to the role of co-anchor on CBS’s The Early Show, a position she held till 2002. Her venture into the world of Big Brother began in 2000, and since then, she’s been an inseparable part of the show. By 2011, Julie added another feather to her cap by joining The Talk as a co-host.

Julie Chen’s Net Worth Breakdown

While Big Brother is undoubtedly a significant contributor, Julie’s net worth stems from multiple sources. These include her salary as a co-host on CBS’s The Talk, earnings as a producer for various TV shows, and endorsements with prominent brands like Crest toothpaste and CoverGirl cosmetics.

Comparison with Les Moonves

Any discussion about Julie Chen’s financial standing is incomplete without mentioning her husband, Les Moonves. With an astounding net worth of $400 million, Moonves’s wealth significantly overshadows Julie’s. This disparity can be primarily attributed to his successful tenure as a television executive.

Personal Life Milestone

Julie and Les Moonves are not just notable for their professional achievements but also for their strong bond. They are gearing up to celebrate a significant personal milestone – their 20th wedding anniversary in 2024. The couple shares one son together.


Julie Chen’s net worth of $30 million stands as a testament to her successful television career. From Big Brother to The Talk, Julie’s consistent performance and dedication have carved a niche for her in the industry. While her husband Les Moonves’s net worth is significantly larger, together, they remain one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment sector.


Q: How much does Julie earn per episode of Big Brother?
A: Julie is estimated to earn about $75,000 per episode.

Q: What is Julie Chen’s net worth in 2023?
A: In 2023, Julie Chen’s net worth is approximately $30 million.

Q: Who is Julie Chen married to?
A: Julie Chen is married to former CBS Corporation CEO and chairman, Les Moonves.

Q: How long has Julie been hosting Big Brother?
A: Julie Chen has been hosting Big Brother since its inception in 2000.