How Does Mike Fisher Net Worth Stack Up Today?

How Does Mike Fisher Net Worth Stack Up Today?

Mike Fisher, a shining star of the NHL, currently boasts a net worth of $30 million. His remarkable journey from being drafted by the Ottawa Senators to earning significant wealth showcases the success of an individual who has dedicated his life to the sport of ice hockey.

Canadian ice hockey legend Mike Fisher, known for his incredible prowess on the rink, has an astounding net worth of $30 million as of today. As we venture into this article, we’ll understand the facets of Mike Fisher’s net worth, stemming from his illustrious career.

Summary of mike fisher net worth

Key PointsInformation
Current Net Worth$30 million
Notable Career TeamOttawa Senators
Significant Contract$1,000,000 with Nashville Predators
Peak Salary Year2014 ($4.2 million)
WifeCarrie Underwood
Combined Net Worth$170 million
Notable InterestLuxury cars

Mike Fisher’s Professional Career

Mike Fisher embarked on his NHL career in 1999, post his drafting by the Ottawa Senators in 1998. An integral part of the Senators, Mike played with them for 12 glorious seasons. Notably, in February, he inked a 1-year, $1,000,000 contract with the Nashville Predators. Representing Canada, Fisher further enhanced his professional credibility.

Mike Fisher’s Net Worth and Salary

Mike Fisher’s net worth reflects not just his success in hockey but also his wise financial decisions. The year 2014 was especially lucrative for him as he bagged an annual salary of $4.2 million. But beyond the rink, Mike’s heart also beats for philanthropy, particularly focusing on causes around children and education.

Mike Fisher’s Personal Life

Born on June 5, 1980, in Peterborough, Ontario, Mike Fisher has been surrounded by sports from a young age. With a father and siblings who also embraced the ice, hockey seems to be in his genes. In 2010, Mike’s personal life took a melodious turn when he tied the knot with country music sensation, Carrie Underwood.

Mike Fisher’s Citizenship and Personal Interests

2019 marked a significant milestone for Mike Fisher as he embraced U.S. citizenship. Beyond hockey, Fisher is a man of varied interests, from hunting and fishing to being captivated by luxury cars.

Mike Fisher’s Net Worth in Comparison

Diving into the celebrity finance world, Mike’s net worth is substantial. However, when you compare it with his superstar wife, Carrie Underwood, who has an impressive net worth of $140 million, it showcases the couple’s combined financial prowess, standing at a joint net worth of $170 million.


Mike Fisher’s net worth is a testament to his dedication, not just to the sport of hockey but also to his community. As he continues his philanthropic journey, he serves as an inspiration for many, proving that with dedication and hard work, success isn’t just about the money, but also about making a difference.


Q: How much is Mike Fisher’s current net worth?
A: Mike Fisher’s current net worth is $30 million.

Q: When did Mike Fisher marry Carrie Underwood?
A: Mike Fisher married Carrie Underwood in 2010.

Q: Which significant team was Mike a part of in his career?
A: Mike Fisher was a pivotal player for the Ottawa Senators.

Q: What is a notable personal interest of Mike Fisher outside of hockey?
A: Mike Fisher is passionate about luxury cars.