Charles F. Brush

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Birth Day: March 17, 1849
Birth Place: Euclid, OH
Died On: Jun 15, 1929 (age 80)
Birth Sign: Pisces

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Charles F. Brush was born on March 17, 1849 in Euclid, OH. 19th-century inventor who changed the world forever by creating street lights.
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💰Charles F. Brush Net worth: 55 million

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19th-century Inventor who changed the world forever by creating street Lights.

Before Fame

He earned a degree in engineering from the University of Michigan in the 1870s.


He was able to develop his arc Lights by patenting an early electrical generator in 1876.

Family Life

He was married to Mary Ellen Morris on October 6, 1875. The couple had three children: Edna, Helene, and Charles.

Associated With

He demonstrated his arc Lights before Thomas Edison successfully tested the light bulb.