Lars Magnus Ericsson

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Birth Day: May 5, 1846
Birth Place: Sweden
Died On: Dec 17, 1926 (age 80)
Birth Sign: Taurus

Lars Magnus Ericsson Net Worth

Lars Magnus Ericsson was born on May 5, 1846 in Sweden. Creator of Ericsson, the telephone equipment company.
Lars Magnus Ericsson is a member of Entrepreneur

💰Lars Magnus Ericsson Net worth: 58.7 billion

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Creator of Ericsson, the telephone equipment company.

Before Fame

His father died when he was 11, leaving young Lars alone with his mother and two sisters.


He never saw telephones as a tool for the mass market. He always believed they would stay in the domain of the rich.

Family Life

He had long correspondences with his son with whom he was very close. These letters and memorandums were studied by biographers after his death.

Associated With

He and Henry Ford believed in paying a good wage to their employees in order to keep them productive and happy.