Ding Xuedong

About Ding Xuedong

Who is it?: Chairman, China Investment Corp, China
Birth Year: 1960
Birth Place: Beijing, China, China
Occupation: Chairman and CEO of China Investment Corporation

Ding Xuedong Net Worth

Ding Xuedong was born on 1960 in Beijing, China, China, is Chairman, China Investment Corp, China. Ding Xuedong is chairman of China Investment Corporation, the country's largest sovereign wealth fund, and is responsible for steering an asset pool reportedly worth north of $800 billion. He has also served as chair of China International Capital Corp. , a leading investment bank, since October 2014, following the resignations of former chairman Jin Liqun and CEO Levin Zhu Yunlai. A professor and doctoral advisor since 2005, Ding has publicly stated that his investing strategy includes bets on agricultural and global food supplies. In recent years he has shuffled CIC's global management team and affirmed the fund's alignment with officials in Beijing, enabling the massive asset pool to serve as a strategic lever for the Chinese government.