Ding Yuhua

About Ding Yuhua

Birth Place: Weihai, China, China
Created by: Shi Yukun
Appearances: The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants and its sequels
Gender: Female
Family: Ding Zhaolan, elder cousin Ding Zhaohui, elder cousin
Spouse(s): Zhan Zhao
Weapons: Before meeting Zhan Zhao: Zhanlu Sword (湛盧劍) After meeting Zhan Zhao: Juque Sword (巨闕劍)

Ding Yuhua Net Worth

Ding Yuhua was born in Weihai, China, China. Ding Yuhua joined the ranks of the world's billionaires after Triangle Tyre went public at the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016. Ding was a party official in Shandong Province before being appointed to head Shandong Tire Factory, the predecessor to Triangle Group.
Ding Yuhua is a member of Automotive

💰Ding Yuhua Net worth: $1.1 Billion

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