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Who is it?: YouTuber, Blogger
Birth Day: July 16, 1982
Birth Place: Caracas, Venezuela, Venezuelan
Birth Sign: Leo
Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation: Journalist, Writer, YouTuber, TV presenter
Website: eldiariodedross.com
Also known as: DeroVolk
Channel: DeroVolk
Created by: Ángel David Revilla
Years active: 2012–present
Genre: Patriotic songs and anthems
Subscribers: 87k (January 26, 2018)
Total views: 66 million (May 2017)
Play buttons: Play buttons 100,000 subscribers 2012 1,000,000 subscribers 2013 10,000,000 subscribers 2016 100,000 subscribers20121,000,000 subscribers201310,000,000 subscribers2016
Associated acts: Research of the records of the national anthem of Moldova Soviet Socialist Republic

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Dross Rotzank was born on July 16, 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela, Venezuelan, is YouTuber, Blogger. Dross Rotzank is a Venezuelan YouTuber, writer, blogger and journalist. Though, he is more commonly known to the world for his YouTube channel that he started in 2006, David Revilla basically began his career as a writer and blogger. Apart from being a Hispachan administrator and contributor, he also enjoyed writing game reviews and satirical articles during the early days of his career. His personal blogging site “El Diario de Dross” or “The Diary of Dross” also earned him much acclaim and paved the path for him to explore the career of a professional writer. In 2008, he started uploading videos on his YouTube account. His videos became popular, which encouraged him to start uploading videos on YouTube on a regular basis. Currently, Dross’s videos mostly explore horror topics, mysteries as well as fun facts. He has authored five books till date; while the first two were mostly autobiographies including his own story of how he managed a huge follower base on the web, the later ones were novels that became best sellers and also earned him critical as well as commercial success.
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💰Dross Rotzank Net worth: $2 Million

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During his childhood, he was one of the most outstanding students in School and University where he studied Mass Communication. Initially he made videos involving comedy vlogs, pranking, and occasionally Gaming. As an adult he decided to study Journalism,where he learned and shaped to make his videos in which he investigates paranormal cases and writes them in a clean and neat way. In late 2013, Dross he changed and began focusing on horror topics and conspiracies. When Dross Rotzank reached 8 million subscribers, he became the most subscribed horror-genre user on YouTube. He currently has over 12 million subscribers, thus making him the first person to reach this record in Argentina.


In March 2017, Dross Rotzank released a sequel to his first book, entitled Luna de Plutón II: La Guerra de Ysaak (In English "Pluto's moon 2: The war of Ysaak).