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Birth Day: March 23, 1975
Birth Place: Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden
Birth Sign: Aries
Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
Citizenship: Swedish
Education: European Business School
Known for: President and CEO of H&M
Spouse(s): Leonie Gillberg
Children: 3
Parent(s): Stefan Persson Pamela Collett
Relatives: Erling Persson (grandfather) Tom Persson (brother) Charlotte Söderström (sister) Lottie Tham (aunt)

Karl-Johan Persson Net Worth

Karl-Johan Persson was born on March 23, 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden. Karl-Johan Persson is the third generation of his family to head up fashion favorite. He took the reins from his father, billionaire Stefan Persson, in 2009. Karl-Johan's grandfather, Erling Persson, founded H&M in 1947, and the company has since grown to a global retail power house with more than 3,900 stores in 64 countries . While reaching for the goal to increasing number of store annually by 10%, Persson is pushing H&M to average one store-opening a day, primarily focusing on China, and new markets like India and South Africa. Karl-Johan Persson's sister Charlotte Söderström, brother Tom Persson, and aunt Lottie Tham, are also billionaires. Karl-Johan Persson is an avid sports enthusiast enjoys playing tennis. Crown princess Victoria is the godmother to one of his children.
Karl-Johan Persson is a member of Fashion & Retail

💰Karl-Johan Persson Net worth: $1.41 Billion (Updated at 22 June 2018)

2015 $3 Billion
2016 $2.4 Billion
2017 $2.1 Billion
2018 $1.49 Billion

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Persson attended the European Business School in London from 1996, majoring in Business and Economics. He graduated in 2002.


In 2001, Persson purchased an events management Business, which established itself as the leading events management company in Scandinavia. The Business was successfully sold in 2007 to MCI. In 2005, he joined H&M in an operational role, working his way up to head of expansion and head of Business development in 2007, before being appointed CEO in 2009 to succeed Rolf Eriksen.


He is married to Leonie Gillberg, they have two children, and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended their wedding in 2002.