Lin Ming-Cheng & family

About Lin Ming-Cheng & family

Birth Day: January 03, 1943
Birth Place: Taiwan
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Alma mater: National Chengchi University Keio University
Occupation: Banker
Spouse(s): 林颜绚美
Children: 4
Parent(s): Lin Hsiung-cheng (father)
Relatives: Lin family from Banciao

Lin Ming-Cheng & family Net Worth

Lin Ming-Cheng & family was born on January 03, 1943 in Taiwan. Lin leads one of Taiwan's oldest business clans. The family is one of the largest investors in Hua Nan Financial Holdings, a Taipei-headquartered bank partly owned by the Taiwan government.
Lin Ming-Cheng & family is a member of Finance and Investments