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Who is it?: Actor
Birth Year: 1976
Birth Place:  Wood Green, London, England, United Kingdom
Birth Sign: Leo
Residence: Wollongong, New South Wales
Other names: Member of the Bali Nine
Occupation: Bartender
Criminal penalty: Life imprisonment
Criminal status: Imprisoned
Conviction(s): Drug trafficking (2006)
Partner(s): Andrew Chan Si Yi Chen Michael Czugaj Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen Matthew Norman Renae Lawrence Scott Rush Myuran Sukumaran
Imprisoned at: Malang, East Java, Indonesia

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Martin Stephens was born on 1976 in  Wood Green, London, England, United Kingdom, is Actor. Martin Stephens was the most popular child actor in Britain during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Having lost interest in acting as he became an adult, he moved to Belfast in 1968, where he studied architecture at Queen's University, Belfast. He later returned to England, where he pursued his new career in architecture and as a teacher of Meditation.
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"By dobbing some other **** I'm not killing my family. And what's the point anyway, because if we dob them in, right, we dob them in, they kill our family and then we're dead anyway. So, you know, why... Don't tell them and they'll just kill us instead and leave our families alone."

— Renae Lawrence, quoted on ABC TV's 7.30 Report, April 2005.



Adnan Wirawan, Stephens' Lawyer, claimed that his client has been unfairly accused as the ring leader of the alleged conspiracy. "He's a human suitcase... he was being told what to do." During legal proceedings, Czugaj and Rush, fellow members of the Bali Nine who have since been convicted of drug trafficking, testified that they had never met Stephens or Lawrence until they were all arrested on 17 April 2005.


On 20 December 2006, Stephens announced he planned to marry Christine Winarni Puspayanti, an Indonesian woman he met at Kerobokan Prison. Stephens met Puspayanti months after his arrest while she was visiting the prison as a part of a church group; and they married in a traditional Indonesian-style wedding in April 2011.


In 2014 Stephens and Nguyen were transferred to a prison in Malang, East Java when it was reported that they had violated prison rules.