RiceGum (Bryan Le)

About RiceGum (Bryan Le)

Who is it?: YOUTUBE STAR
Birth Day: November 19, 1996
Birth Place: American
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Social Media Star, YouTuber
Real Name / Birth name: Bryan Le
Nick Name: RiceGum
Age / How old?: November 19, 1996
From (Place of Birth):: United States
Religion: Unknown
Nationality: Asian American (parents are both Vietnamese)
Race / Ethnicity: Asian
RiceGum (Bryan Le) Education: He graduated Sierra Vista High School in Nevada. He dropped out of college in 2016 (he jokes now that his mother wanted him to become a doctor but he ended up making fun of people on the internet).
Body Measurements: Unknown
Build: Slim
Height / How tall?: 1.90 m
Weight: 155 lbs
Dress Size: Unknown
Shoe Size: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

RiceGum (Bryan Le) Net Worth

RiceGum (Bryan Le) was born on November 19, 1996 in American, is YOUTUBE STAR. RiceGum is a famous YouTube personality, whose real name is Bryan. He was born on November 19, 1996. He started off in 2012 with game play videos but they turned out to be not very successful. Everything changed in 2015 as he recorded “THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED” comedy video, which featured a number of internet celebrities including Jacob Sartorius and Loren Beech. Soon, he continued making his “MUST BE STOPPED” series with random kids’ videos, some internet trends or just anything else he found annoying or ridiculous. It is exactly these satiric and quite rude videos that made him famous (and controversial).
RiceGum (Bryan Le) is a member of Youtube Stars

💰 Net worth: Under Review

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Family, Mom, Dad, Wife & Husbands, kids

Parents: Bryan tries to separate his YouTube life and his personal life so he does not disclose the information about neither his mother nor father so their names and age are unknown. But it is obvious that they are both Asian (mother is of Chinese and father is of Vietnamese origin). He calls them “typical Asian parents”. And he quite often mentions and features them in his YouTube videos, jokes and tweets, as well as posts lots photos with them.

Siblings: he has a little sister. He once posted a video about her and was completely freaked out about disgusting the comments under it. He also has a baby brother.

Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Relationship

Sexual orientation: straight

In 2017, Bryan continues claiming that he has no girlfriend and he explains that this is because he is “ugly as f*ck”. However, no one can say for sure, whether he ever had a girlfriend, as Bryan discloses as little personal detail as possible. He also disproves that he is gay.

RiceGum (Bryan Le) Money, Net Worth

RiceGum gets around 1 million views in just one day! Some analysts suggest that he is making around $125,000 a month. However, Bryan himself makes fun of all these attempts to count his money.  Ricegum Net Worth 2017 is around: $1 000 000

Houses & Cars

Place of living: RiceGum lives somewhere in Nevada. In 2017, he is still living with his parents and, of course, he doesn’t want to disclose his actual address. He said that living with parents had too many advantages like not having to pay a rent, however, in January 2017 he announced in one of his videos that he is considering moving to his own place, showed some options he likes, and asked his fans to help him with that decision. (up: Bryan lives in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Nov 2017)

More Info:

What is RiceGum’s real name?

His real name is Bryan Le. By the way, Le is one of the most common Vietnamese surnames.

Why is his nickname RiceGum?

No one can say for sure, why he has chosen such a nickname. But “rice” is probably a hint to the stereotypes about Asians.

What is his ethnic background?

He is half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese. In one of his videos he makes fun of people searching on Google whether he is Chinese.

What he thinks is the secret behind his popularity?

He says that it is too easy now to become popular as you do not need talent or anything, even a good video, but a catchy title to make people click on it.

What was a first video he ever posted?

It was Call of Duty game play video, posted in 2012. Now he says it is embarrassing and the sound is shitty.

What kind of videos does he make?

First of all, he doesn’t make any more game play videos (it’s PewDiePie’s job). Instead, he posts “MUST BE STOPPED” video series, in which he makes fun of different things (internet celebrities, random weird people from the internet, random kids’ videos, and even clowns). The great example of his “MUST BE STOPPED” activity is his review of some woman from Twitter, who makes a fool of herself in everything she posts (and still thinks she’s gorgeous). He also makes vlog videos about his life and plans, videos of his reactions to different things, and collaborative videos with other popular YouTubers. And, of course, he also posts other people “roasting” him in response to his rude jokes. 

What celebs did he have quarrels with?

Lots of them! For example, he roasted Jacob Sartorius and his fans many times (by the way, he has a photo with him on Instagram, so they are actually not enemies), PewDiePie, Zoie Burgher, Ziegler sisters, Loren Gray, Baby Ariel, and many others.

What does he think of himself?

He is quite sarcastic not only about others but about himself as well. He often jokes on himself and even admits that he is as far from a “perfect handsome guy” image as possible.

What does he want to prove with his rude videos?

He just wants to point out the ridiculous side of that social media craze and internet-born celebrities. Probably, he wants to make people think of how stupid some popular things nowadays are and make the world a better place.