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Wu Jianlong was born in Hong Kong. Chairman of Zhejiang Sunflower Light Energy debuts on the latest billionaires list after a successful IPO at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange last August. Shares in the supplier of solar cells have nearly tripled since. Sunflower is located in Shaoxing in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, yet Wu is a resident of Hong Kong. Wu holds an EMBA from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.
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For more than thirty years, Wu has provided Service for the research agencies under the State System Reform Commission and the company under the Housing System Reform Office of the State Council and, from 1989 to 1992, he was deputy Director of the China Securities Training Center, and engaged in research for a long time thereafter. Currently, he is the group leader and chief specialist of China Intelligent Energy Research Group of China Association for Science and Technology; Group Leader and Chief Specialist of Artificial Intelligence Medical Science Project Group of China Health care Industry Fund Company of National Development and Reform Commission; Emeritus Professor of the Electrical Engineering Research Institute of China Academy of Science; President of China Shenzhen Smart Clean Energy Research Institute; Contract Research Fellow at China Society of Economic Reform; Council Member of International Smart Grid Alliance; Deputy Director of China Society of Intelligence Engineering Research; Chief Economic Advisor at China World National Culture Exchange Promotion Society; Member of the Expert Committee of China Federation of IT Promotion under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; and Advisor for the Energy System Professional Committee under Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering. In the meantime, he is concurrently the professor of China Shandong Electric Power Construction Engineering Design Institute, one of the largest electric power designing institutes in China; Senior Consultant at CLOU Electronics Company Limited, a listed company of Shenzhen city, and the largest smart meter manufacturer in China; and Independent Director of Fareast Intelligent Energy listed in Shanghai Stock Market, the largest electric cable manufacturer in China.


The Intelligent Energy Doctrine put forward by Wu in 2009 is of revolutionary significance to the construction of intelligent Energy net and, for this, Mr. Gudio Bartels, Chairman of 2010 International Smart Grid Alliance commented: “China is leading the world in quite a few innovative thinking in Energy field. And the advanced concepts put forward by Wu and the team he led has been widely acknowledged in the industry, and Wu has made people understanding more and more clearer the critical pillar elements in Energy transition, which is Intelligent Energy Net.” In addition, people in the industry have mentioned the “Intercontinental Interactive Energy Network Program” proposed by Wu in the same breath with the US Pickens Energy Program and has named it as “Wu Jiandong Program”. In March, 2013, the publication of “The Green Paper Outline On Deepening China Electrical Power System Reformation” primarily edited by Wu Jiandong received great echo in the industry and, the book was honored by policy makers as something that boast with important reference value to the central government in studying and deciding the plan for a new round of electric power system reformation.


In 2011, Wu published his article “Develop System Mode and Strategic Paths for Super Internet” which occupied whole edition of the Science Times sponsored by China Academy of Science. As commented by Editor, Professor Wu first put forward the ideological system for developing “Super Internet” in international society, and that the doctrine established by the author has made our country one of the countries that own sophisticated internet strategic doctrine, following the US GENI Plan and Europe`s LP7 Actions.


According to the special report carried by Xinhua News Agency — China’s state news agency, and as honored by the industry, Wu Jiandong is the founder of “Intelligent Energy Doctrine” and “Chinese Energy Internet of Things Doctrine”. The Energy system he proposed is a multi-helix structure consisting of eight agents including customer right, intelligence right, Finance right, processing right, resource right, taxation right, emission right, and facility right, and the “Multi-Helix Structure” has been named as ‘Wu Jiandong Energy Helix’. As project leader, and in 2009, he presided over the formulation of the implementation scheme for the Chinese intelligent Energy net projects outlined in the key Energy plan under the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan. And in 2010, he was called as "One Of the Few Thought Leaders in the World" in the Global Smart Grid Forum sponsored by the US Department of Energy and International Smart Grid Alliance. Recently, he first comprehensively put forward the ‘Energy IOT Doctrine’ in international community, and accomplished the sophisticated report on ‘Intelligent Energy Net – Action That Determines Success of World's Low Carbon Growth Transition’.


In 2015, “Medical Internet Is Expected to Transform Human Beings Comprehensively” was published in whole edition of China Shanghai Securities Newspaper, which was called as an important component of the ideology for super internet, and Wu was thereby honored as the founder of Chinese medical internet doctrine. In the meantime, Wu is Leader and Chief Specialist of Artificial Intelligent Medical Science Project of China Health care Industry Fund Company of National Development and Reform Commission and, following IMB Doctor Watson and Googlle Doctor Alphago who have put forward medical science system, Wu has facilitated establishing super network Doctor which is based on artificial intelligence and owns in-depth learning ability, and is able to conduct super computations, which has widely enhanced the efficiency and capability system of China medical Health care Service system; provided robotic thinking systems for 4 million natural person doctors and 500 thousand clinics; provided ancillary Service for more than 30 million clinical patients in China; and has provided intelligent Service for 300 million Chinese chronicle patients and, dozens of top medical professors in China have participated in his development program. His wife is a professor of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, the most renowned hospital in China, and is the Director of the Puberty Medical Professional Committee of China Medical Doctor Association.