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Who is it?: Actor
Birth Day: October 04, 1900
Birth Place:  Yonkers, New York, United States
Died On: November 29, 1992(1992-11-29) (aged 92)\nWoodland Hills, California, US
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Resting place: Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)
Occupation: Stage, film, television actor
Years active: 1929-1991
Spouse(s): Elizabeth (Bette) McDonald (1943-1992) (his death) 2 children Mary Sheffield (1933-1943) 1 child Mary Crouch (1925-1933) (see the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, NY 12/19/1925, page 7) 1 child
Children: Robert Shayne, Jr. (b. 1947-1983) Stephanie Shayne (b. 1950) Dorothy Dawe (w/Mary Crouch) Roberta Shayne (w/Mary Sheffield)
Parent(s): Mr. and Mrs. Grosvenor Dawe

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Robert Shayne was born on October 04, 1900 in  Yonkers, New York, United States, is Actor. Born in turn-of-the-century Yonkers, New York, Robert Shayne (born Robert Shaen Dawe) worked at a variety of jobs before his interests ultimately turned toward acting. He appeared in a succession of legit theater productions throughout the 1930s and even appeared in a few films, making a comedy short in New York in 1929, two features in 1934 and a comedy short shot in New York in 1937. In 1942 he signed with Warner Brothers and trekked to Hollywood, where he became a contract player at their Culver City studios. Warners starred the newly-arrived stage actor in a series of two-reel Westerns before graduating him to supporting roles in "A"-level features. In 1946 he left the studio to freelance. Several years later he got involved in the infant medium of TV, where he played the part for which he is best remembered--Inspector Henderson in the series Adventures of Superman (1952).
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Shayne married Mary Crouch in 1929. They divorced three years later and had one daughter. In 1934, he married Mary Sheffield. They divorced in 1946 and had one daughter.


Shayne's first Broadway appearance came by 1931 in The Rap. His other Broadway shows include Yellow Jack (1934), The Cat and the Canary (1935), Whiteoaks (1938), with Ethel Barrymore, and Without Love (1942), with Katharine Hepburn.


Shayne began his film career in 1934, appearing in two features. In 1942, he became a contract actor with Warner Bros.. He played many character roles in movies and television, including a film series of Warner Bros. featurettes called the "Santa Fe Trail" series such as Wagon Wheels West, and as a mad scientist in the 1953 horror film The Neanderthal Man.


Shayne portrayed Police Inspector william "Bill" Henderson on the 1950s TV series Adventures of Superman. He appeared sporadically in the early episodes of the series, in part because he came under HUAC scrutiny and was briefly blacklisted on unproven and unspecific charges of association with Communism. As the program evolved, especially in the color episodes, he was brought into more and more of them, to the point where he was a regular on the series.


He appears briefly in Alfred Hitchcock's North by North West, seated at a booth in a hotel bar, where his character meets Cary Grant's character, just as the latter is about to be kidnapped. He also had a small but pivotal role in the 1953 sci-fi classic Invaders From Mars as a scientist. He also enjoyed a brief rebirth in his career when he was cast as the blind newspaper vendor in The Flash television show. He was by this time actually blind and learned his lines by having his wife read them to him and then rehearse until he memorized them.