Lisette Morelos

About Lisette Morelos

Who is it?: Actress, Soundtrack
Birth Day: May 21, 1978
Birth Place:  Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Mexico
Birth Sign: Gemini
Residence: Canada
Occupation: Actress, singer, model
Years active: 1996-present
Spouse(s): John Bainbridge (2005-2012)
Parent(s): Gustavo Garcia Maria Isabel Morelos-Zaragoza
Relatives: Rodrigo Garcia Morelos-Zaragoza (brother)

Lisette Morelos Net Worth

Lisette Morelos was born on May 21, 1978 in  Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Mexico, is Actress, Soundtrack. Lisette Morelos is an actress with a 25 years career in Mexican, Latin American and North American TV. She studied at CEA (Centro DE Educación Artística DE Televisa). She started as a little girl, her first roles where at the early age of 10. When she was barely 16 yeas old, in 1994, she got her first supporting role opportunity in a Daytime Serial -"Silent Love"-. After confirming her great talent in this first project, she got her big breakthrough to a leading role in "You and Me", after that, it was a non-stop lead role after another in big Primetime Serials: "Alejandra's Secret", "Camila", "Rebellious" (Alma Rebelde), and "Angel's Face" making of her one of the best and more recognizable actresses in the Mexican territory and being this series sold in Latin America, Europe and Asia, she also begin a worldwide Fan base...In 2006 started in Miami a Latin and North American career, her new Primetime Serials, with Univision, Telemundo and Venevision, generated a new Latin-American star, her lead roles where memorable between fans of all ages, titles like "Rebellious God's Messenger" (Angel Rebelde), "Unbreakable Spirit" (Alma Indomable) and "Aurora" made of her one of the most known actresses in whole Latin-America. While in the United States, she also made some English speaking roles, standing out a pilot for Sony Tristar Pictures for the TV series "Charlie's Angels".At that point, her career was already unstoppable, and in 2010 she starred her first Sitcom in the extremely successful "Girl from my Heart", making a big return to her first network, Televisa.In 2012 she made another big breakthrough making her first leading role in a Dramatic Primetime TV series at Mexican Network 3, with one of the best rating ever for a Mexican Dramatic Primetime TV series, "Infamous" was a total hit with Lisette making an outstanding role. Immediately after, the same network hired her for another leading role in the new Dramatic Primetime TV series -"Fortune"- (2013) still on air this year at Mundo Fox.In 2014 she is on air "The Impersonator" (La Impostora) at Tele-Mundo, having the double lead role of Blanca and Victoria.
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