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Who is it?: Actor, Director, Writer
Succeeded by: Sonia L'Heureux (interim)
Children: Tyler Page, Jesse Page and Chelsey Page
Alma mater: Queen's University
Website: Parliamentary Budget Officer

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Kevin Page was born, is Actor, Director, Writer. Kevin Page is a 35 year veteran of the film, television, VO and commercial industries.Some of his career highlights include: His recurring character on "Seinfeld" as NBC executive, Stu Chermack, who invites Jerry to pitch his "show about nothing" was based on real-life NBC exec Rick Ludwin. And the enigmatic character "Bum" on the re-boot of "Dallas" (2012-2014) who ultimately shot and killed TV icon "JR Ewing" played by the late Larry Hagman.Mr. Page Played over 20 different classic roles opposite the dog, "Wishbone," as a star on the long-running PBS series of the same name.His death scene in the classic film, Robocop (1987), as the ill-fated young executive, Mr. Kinney, repeatedly got the film an "X" rating from the MMPA ratings board before director Paul Verhoeven agreed to cut 4 1/2 seconds out for the U. S. theatrical release (most of which was Page getting blown away by ED-209).He has made over 2 dozen television commercials for products ranging from beer to national airlines to breakfast cereals.In addition to being an actor, Mr. Page is a writer, director and producer of more than a dozen internationally distributed documentary films.He was born and raised in the Midwest and now makes his home in Texas.
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His children are Tyler Page, Jesse Page and Chelsey Page. Tyler was killed in 2006 at the age of 20 after being struck by a train while walking home along a railway line near Perth, Ontario, and there is now a bursary in Tyler's name at Algonquin College's Perth campus.


Before being appointed to the position of Parliamentary Budget Officer, on March 25, 2008, Kevin Page had for twenty-seven years worked as a civil servant in the Canadian government with experience in central agencies and line departments including: Finance Canada; the Treasury Board Secretariat; the Privy Council Office; the Department of Fisheries and Oceans; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; and Human Resources and Social Development Canada.


In 2017, Page received an Honorary Doctor of Law from Lakehead University.


His approach of questioning government estimates and issuing reports that are at odds with official government forecasts has created controversy. "There are former parliamentarians saying I should be held in contempt of Parliament and should be fired, but I’m okay with them saying that. That’s just part of the debate." He has been unapologetic about his Desire to give the Parliamentary Budget Office a significant role in informing Parliament and Canadians about government finances, saying "I went to the OECD, and they said the Americans have the best budget office, bar none. Why can't we be the best in five years? If that's overstepping my mandate, then I'm earning my money."